how much time did it take for you to see the benefits of meditation?

Nikhil O.
Not very long, the titles (free ones) are useful in helping me understand the uses, and they end up among my feel good inside and out.
Sofie W.
About 1 month, since it takes time to build a habit. But meditation is effective immediately, however; its long term (lasting) effect will need your consistency over time.
Maayan Q.
Right after the first 6 minutes of meditation I felt different. Not like my world has changed but rather that there is a good chance it will.
Chiara Q.
It took me a while to realize the actual benefits.

With my mind always running at thousand miles an hour, being able to actually stop and manage my thoughts so I can focus on my breath was the first big accomplishment.

Then of course, mastering the whole lifestyle of living in the present, leveraging the full benefits of our breath, is a work in progress.

Sara X.
No it takes not longtime just for 15 min andi fell literally stresless and makes me happy and refresh and it don't take long time and the mediation gives me different different benifits it keeps my body acctive and energetic and it's just gives me happiness ❤️✨🌸