How long you normaly meditate. Andhave you ever feel anxious when doing it?

Tia W.
I choose a meditation from YouTube that suits the type of meditation I was looking for. When looking for a meditation you must consider 2 things. 1. Why are you meditating. Can you find a meditation that is based on your reason for meditation? 2. How long do you believe you can meditation for with your eyes closed (no peeking) and concentrate on the audio while focusing on your breathing. It I hard at first so choose a safe quiet space where you feel comfortable closing your eyes and try to focus even though your mind will wander. Guided meditation help you thoughts stay on track. Good luck.
Mille X.
it’s okay to feel anxious while meditating the trick is to try and control those anxieties. there have been many times where i’ve had to meditate longer to feel peaceful. i have an anxiety disorder and sometimes it can manifest in different ways and be very strong. normally i meditate for about 5 minutes each morning but if i feel myself feeling particularly anxious i try to meditate until i feel better. 🙂
Georgia E.
meditation usually takes me ten to fifteen minutes. I use an app which guides me during the session. sometimes it happens that I get nervous or anxious especially when I lose the focus
Brean N.
I usually use one of the meditation things in this app. I also do sometimes feel anxious, I think it’s something you have to get used to and it’ll get better with time! 🙂
Mona F.
Well I guess there’s no perfect duration to mediate. Do it until u feel good and relaxed. For me 5-10 min are perfect!

Have a great day!✌🏼

Ugo T.
I would usually meditate for about 5-10 minutes and meditate can make you feel a little bit anxious the first few times.
Marty F.
5-10 minutes. Usually use a guided meditation from either the Fabulous app, Headspace, or Waking Up. And sometimes anxiety comes, but meditation is by far one of the best short term treatments AND long term cures for anxiety in my opinion!
Carole W.
it really depends on what I need and how much time I have. I meditate from 5 to 30 minutes. and yes, I have felt anxious, especially in the beginning but with time, comes calmness, I promise 🌼
William Z.
I don’t really have a set time when I meditate, I meditate for as long as I want or as short as I want. I have felt a bit anxious meditating numerous times before and it is completely normal to get lost in your thoughts especially when your anxious about something but always try to bring it back to your breathing as meditation will eventually calm you down.
Lu N.
Anxious no, but sometimes frustrated because don’t know exactly what I’m I doing. So just breathe and let myself flow. And in this weeks I’m in 30 to 40 minutes each day.
Kundi N.
I usually meditate for about 5 minutes very evening. I don’t feel anxious when meditating – and neither should you. Meditating is supposed to be a calming process to reflect!