It’s so easy to stop meditating and not get back into it. How do I persist with my practice even when it seems like I don’t have time or patience for it?

Jack U.
Do it anyway, force yourself if you must. Fake it till you make it. And then you’ll see it’s getting easier, but you must be persistent.
August E.
really try your best to keep your mind on mediating and give yourself time to breathe, relax and refocus if you become distracted. i find myself doing short deep sessions rather than one long one a day.
Gloria J.
Time is endless. You have all the time in the world. It’s your choice to make time for things and prioritise what’s best. Make time for it. Schedule it in your diary and be consistent. Find a time during the day where you can prioritise it and consistently do it over and over
Severino S.
I’ll do a guided meditation, even a short one. I used to only do the breathing meditation, then it became boring. I found that doing different types of meditations help keep me continuing.
Hailey T.
Include it in one of your routines, morning or evening. Whatever works. It’ll pop up on your list. And you do it, check it off just like the other activities. Just get it into your list. Then start small… five minutes will do. Just make some space for it. Once it’s on your list, you can expand the tune, if you have it. I get satisfaction from checking things off my list. I also use the headspace app. That’s helped a lot. Good luck!
Kenzo W.
Start small use the time you spend in the bathroom to start, do it when you remember even if you don't what to. Make a plan, set a time for ten or 15 minutes and do it consistantly at the same time. When you do not feel like meditating, spend some time studying it and find different ways to make your meditation time yours. Your life is yours, make it what you want it to be like no what your friends or family want it to look like.
Valeska C.
Sometimes when I don’t have the time to meditate for a long time I just do it for a few minutes though the day. Even if short I still find it helpful. And try to put an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to meditate. It’s so easy to forget and just tell us we don’t have the time, but adding an alarm and meditate even for 5 minutes can be very beneficial.
Amado S.
I started to meditate in short times, in early moments of the day so I really felt the difference. As time goes by, you will make your meditation journey longer
Marie Louise F.
When ever I feel like I don't have the time to meditate I try to remind myself that this is exactly why I need to be meditating
Edna G.
When time is limited due to other obligations, I might feel that skipping meditation is the easiest way to save 15min. But after a couple of days off it, the habit is gone and it’s hard to start again. Now I have a new tactic: if there is no time, I simple do a 3 min meditation. It’s too little to interfere with my appointments but enough to keep me feeling how great meditation is.