How do you keep committed to your meditation practice?

Josefine N.
I don’t really have a “meditation practice”. I just meditate when I’m feeling anxious and need to calm down and regain my inner peace, or if I feel stuck in a rut and need to “jumpstart my brain”. Sometimes I’ll meditate as part of my prayer and devotional time; if I need to focus on a decision I’m having trouble making; to psych myself up for something I’m avoiding doing or really nervous/anxious about; if I’m feeling confused about what I’m actually feeling and want clarity; to calm down after an argument; or to set an intention, mood, or emotion I want to generate. It’s really situational, for me. I don’t have a consistent time or frequency that I meditate – I just keep it in my “toolbox” of practices I can draw on as needed.
Darren P.
Start of the day when my alarm goes off, 1x snooze then drink my water and meditate in bed- a lovely way to start the day mindful and present. Or the sleep media ration in bed at night to send me off x
Kylian Z.
I commit to my meditation practice by slowly building my nighttime routine to include meditation. I use one of Fabulous’ meditation routines. 5-10 minutes is all it takes. It makes my sleeping quality better. I also prepare for bed by calming down through the meditation routine. Good luck!
Hanna Y.
You think about it throughout the day and recognise the positive influence it has on decisions we make. The decisions we make are shaped by the environments we are in.If we create a positive environment we will go forward making better decisions.
Tilde P.
I made meditation as a part of my before sleeping routine. Only a short 5 min breathing exercises, so I know I can commit to it without feeling like it's a hassle. At that time I can be in my own space without being bothered by people around me, and do something for myself I feel that my body really needs for it to get a good night sleep.
Hirondino F.
Do 1 minute as a minimum and track the streak.

I usually do more but when you’re having a busy day, your routine is disrupted or there is a lot going on, just do 1m

Marcus B.
I like the benefits of meditation and how I feel after doing it. I meditate when I'm alone like traveling in a cab or metro.
Ciciane F.
When i wake up in the morning , i feel my thoughts are coming together again. The best way to let them go is to meditate and i do that .
When i go to sleep, i want a peaceful and restful night. But thoughts are blocking the way to an energizing night sleep. So i meditate.
I keep commited to my meditation routine everyday because i want to feel good and relaxed .
Dolores X.
There's lots of great apps out there that provide motivation. I also like to use the meditations on YouTube. Start out by using only guided meditations and keep them pretty short, around 5 to 10 minutes.
Miriam A.
Every morning, when I get out of bed, my meditation pillow is on the floor by the window. I make the bed and then go straight for the cushion before I do anything else. 🙂
Fred U.
I use an app called insight timer and I have set up as morning goal. I do a 10 minute guided morning meditation everyday and I find it helps with focus.
Edeltrud U.
I usually use tarot cards as a means of guided meditation. They clear my mind and give me a focus for the day which inspires me. If you find a tarot deck that you really connect with it becomes very exciting when the time comes to meditate each day.
Christoffer C.
I do my meditation right before falling asleep. It’s generally the last thing I hear and I get so relaxed I go to sleep quickly.
Eduartino Z.
If I find myself bored, scrolling mindlessly or going to pick up my phone I instead set a 5/10 minute timer or use one on here and meditate. I know that I'm most likely to go for my phone when I wake up or when I'm settled in bed so I have the timer open on my phone for when I pick it up then and I can't leave the app until I've done it. It's a great use of free time.
Alcione Q.
I have a meditation app with a lot of guided meditations for personal growth (Calm). I got used to meditate at least every morning after I wake up to free my mind (before I do anything else) and when I go to bed for the free-mind effect. Also I found value in meditating every time I feel stressed. Once you get used to it and actually FEEL the difference within yourself, it is easy to adapt this habit. Always create a silent atmosphere and think of it as time for you and your body.
Karla E.
I think of my mortality. Of the fact that at any moment, my life might end, no matter how well I seem to be doing , that I might suddenly perish due to factors completely out of my control. So I use that as motivation to do that which matters and work on what I actually can influence. Meditation is the perfect practice for that.
Clem Y.
I remember why I'm doing it. Before I started this journey, I really struggled to sleep. Now, I regularly sleep through the night. Meditation seems to help with that!
Jamie Z.
Honestly, I rely on it to make my days better. Anytime I’m bored, sleepy, over emotional, or even just feeling too lazy to do my chores I choose meditation to supplement. I look at it like a mental supplement to all my bad habits. I always see it as the one thing that is my choice above all and that makes it even more powerful for me.
Alfons A.
On days when I really don't feel like meditation I allow myself to have super short 2-3 minute meditation. Usually that keeps my mind set on meditation in general and I quickly get back to longer practice
Laura F.
It is my commitment to myself that keeps me moving through all the challenges. I don’t want to break that sacred contract with myself.
Wesley S.
I stay on my praying mat at least 5 times a day everyday coz my religion (Islam) encourages me to do so for my general well-being and I don’t compromise my meditation time for anything else.