How do you deal with pain while meditating?

Henry Y.
If I experience pain while meditating, I try to relax even more in that area of my body. Further, I try to imagine that when I breath in, I focus on that area.
Charlotte P.
It depends on the level of intensity. I haven’t experienced high level of pain yet, so I can only speak to soreness or tenderness sort of pain due to exercising or light physical discomfort. In that case, I try to scan my body and let myself be in full aware. The app “Calm” actually has a whole series on body scanning, or for pain me elated guided meditation. I
Isabelle J.
It always depends on the type of pain. If the pain is coming from uncomfortable position during meditation, I will change position. I prefer to be completely confortable! If it comes from injures or chronic pain, I would try to foccus on other sensation and breathing.
Elizabeth P.
Mental pain – I guess at first you should how to deal with it at first. Then you can enforce than on your heart by meditating. So knowing what you want is the primary step to make it work and to enforce that against your emotions will be done by meditation.
Physical pain – I don't really know about this much. I usually do meditation to reduce headache, which is reduced by 12 to 15 mins of mediation, it's really about relaxing.
I would suggest mediation on a regular basis to make things work in a good waym
Victoria C.
I release it and let it go during meditation so I can focus on my breath and things that I am grateful for. Meditating is like the hour everyday for yourself, and you got to make the best out of it, so I would go into my small little peaceful world for a while and let go of the pain during that time.
Jacqueline E.
I have lived with chronic pain for most of my life. At first meditation was a nightmare because it meant 'listening to my body' which for me meant feeling all my pain. I found the RAIN (recognising – allowing – investigating – non-association) method incredibly helpful. It took time. A few months before I really got good with it. Now meditation is the number one thing for dealing with my pain and I find it incredibly useful. Hope this helps and remember take it slow and you're doing amazing! ♥️
Carmel G.
When I meditate & I am dealing with chronic pain I like to breathe through the pain then I find my body starts to melt like ice-cream. By doing medication twice a day my pain levels have lowered
Dioclene I.
So, I’m not used to meditate, but when I start meditating, I mean the few times I did it, I’m afraid of my heart beat. I have the feeling that my heart start running and I can’t stop it. So I keep breathing trying not to think or hear it.