How should I meditate? Where do my hands go? Is there a particular position I should be in? Does anyone else feel Anxious if they don’t hear the narrator’s voice for a few minutes in a meditation? What do I do about that? Sorry for so many questions!

Ris I.
Just do what feels right to you! Your hands can go wherever there comfy and you can sit in whatever position you're comfortable in, and dont worry! I also get confused and a little anxious when not hearing the narrators voice aswell lol but it's okay just calm yourself and breathe deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Enjoy your meditation! 😄
Alliyah Z.
You should feel yourself first, what I'm gonna do? If you ready for meditate, just do it. Meditate is medicine. It can relax your body and soul. If u feel do not belong or still anxious. Just let go and try to deep breath for 10 seconds. I promise u it will better. And keep doing you meditate