What kind of meditation has been fruitful for you?

Jadir Y.
Start by sitting cross-legged on the bed, and then exhale as you slowly close your eyes, your muscles relax, and you slowly start falling into the bed. Remember to stay mindful and awake as you simply breathe, monitoring your body as if going through it like a scanner, and after that you simply breathe, concentrating on each inhalation and exhalation, but remember that you should set a timer with a nice and soft alarm to let you know when to get back – when you ket your mind wander for half a minute and then get back knto your body and open your eyes.
Salma P.
I always root for guided meditations. If I'm trying to get sleepy then story-based or body check ones are the best…if I'm just trying to calm down, a 5 minute breathing meditation is just fine. In the evening I really like to try out new guided meditations where you realise something while meditating…like when the text is about realising the power of the present!
Sander U.
Different type of meditation is beneficial for different times. I find TM has been good for helping to declutter thoughts. Yoga nidra have been helpful for reducing body tension & improving rest.
August Y.
I do a stretching meditation. I want to improve flexibility so I have a set of stretches I do after I work out. It allows me to have a "soft focus" on my stretching and when I'm done with one stretch I move to the next. it allows me to meditate much longer and better as a beginner at it (with ADHD)
Marc J.
For me, it has been meditations that focus largely on the breathing. Meditations that start going on about all kind of things, just put me to sleep.
Lucas E.
I focus on my breathing. I count x number of seconds during the inhalation, and the same for the exhalation.
It becomes a mindfulness exercise. Sometimes I try holding my breath in between. Other times I don’t. This works the best for me.