What kind of meditation do you usually preform? Any good books to deepen my insight?

Jeremy C.
I prefer the zen mindful method. 3 books I’d recommend are zen mind- beginners mind, the way of zen, and zen meditation in plain English.
Aubrey W.
I usually use the insight timer app and sit mindfully for 20 min. Currently I am signed up in Sharon Salzburg’s 30 day meditation. The lessons aren’t like g and it’s helping kickstart my return to meditation.
William X.
I've just started so I'm going thru a lot of different options. The one constant that I'm doing and is helping me sleep is an app called deep sleep with Andrew Johnson
Darryl E.
Some mornings I’ll do a meditation to nature sounds. Other mornings I’ll do a guided meditation. YOUTUBE is a great resource for guided meditations. I like Gabby Bernstein. I also do guided meditation by Dr Wayne Dyer that I found on Apple Music.
Nora N.
I started with Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now to try out meditation on my own. Although I found this a good start what really got me to understand and practice mindfulness and meditation was playing with different meditation apps until I found one that I related to the most which was 10% Happier. It had great guided meditations which then also has transitioned me to start doing unguided meditations.
Cecil U.
For me it just depends on the time of day and the type of day I'm having. Some days my kids are driving me crazy and I need patience and understanding… Other days I'm feeling anxious so I'll need something quick that focuses solely on the breath or if I have some time, I'll choose body scan or yoga nidra.
Josefo Q.
I use a great app for sleep named deep sleep with Andrew Johnson and have started using a nice meditation app named Pacifica