What meditation method do you use?

Alberte U.
I used breathing meditation. It's as simple as to just close your eyes and focus on your breath. Let all the thoughts flow, but do not interact with them. Just breathe, it's all that matters in that moment.

Livia O.
I focus on my breath through my nose, and sort of imagine that I’m sitting in a flowing stream of thoughts. If a thought appears, I notice this and then let it flow past me with the rest of the stream, returning my focus to breathing.

Tobias B.
RPM— I do it first thing in the morning so RISE, PEE, MEDITATE. I use the aaptiv app which has all kinds of exercise programs and includes meditation programs so they are guided. After 20 days of meditating , I’m trying to start sandwich style which is twice a day.

Phyllis P.
I try to keep my mind on positive doors. Breathing, walking confidently forward, and opening a door that will lead me to a peaceful heart and mind. Once through that door, opening another and another. Each door takes me to a place where I feel more confident in a state of bliss that I deserve to feel. Each breath helps me to sit in that bliss.

Felecia S.
I either use breathing observation in silence, guided meditations from a dedicated app or I meditate in savasana after a yoga practice.

Liam Z.
I use the Headspace app and love their guided meditations. Also, they have an amazing range of animations that explain helpful concepts in very relatable ways. And you can get started with meditating between 3 and 20 minutes long, so these can be accommodated into any schedule.

Josini C.
In the morning, mindful meditation with visualization of how my day is gonna be. When I have time, I practice some guided meditation prior to that.

Before sleep, I practice guided meditation to release my day and prepare me to sleep otherwise, I take some time trying to quiet my mind

Alo Sio P.
Different ones, depending on what I feel I need, be that focus, loving kindness, mantra, or breath bubble, ever since I have started using a meditation headband, I do at least one focus meditation session daily.

Travis G.
I have tried different ones with my first one being on breathing and then the one are in my life at the current time that I need desperate support for to help me.

Rasmus Y.
I have a cushion for meditation. my meditation in my bedside within the first half hour after I woke. In that time iam try to concentrate my all thoughts in breathing.

Birgid T.
For Mindfulness and meditation, I use methods like Mindfulness Coloring books, meditating with one or more apps, Body Scan, Focused Breathing, Journaling, and so on. When meditating, I usually prefer unguided meditation set to music or semi-guided meditation. I guess Focused Breathing is the most accessible skill since, “Your breath is always with you”, and other practices like Mindfulness Coloring & Journaling might require a bit more time & some writing implements, etc.

Nicoline W.
Usually a do Transendental meditation for 15-20 min but sometimes i use one of the available guided meditations in the app