For me the most difficult part is to insert meditation into a routine and find the time to do it. Any suggestion on how not to sabotage myself with silly excuses, and just find the time to meditate every day?

Nathaniel B.
First you should see if you enjoy it, it's hard to get into the first day. Give it a week or more. Lay yourself around nature and just look around and enjoy your surroundings, that's how I got started. After that close your eyes and start mediating for real. And it's ok if you can't mediate every day, busy days happen.
Borut N.
For me also, specially if you lose focus in life. I used to meditate every day but now I don’t have real routine to do it (I am quiet confused about meditation technique), so I think that it is good to meditate in the morning and in the evening and if you don’t have time I think it is good to wake up a little earlier.
And I have problem with excuses too.😒
Sarae F.
Find a task that you do regularly, and attach it to that task. For example: in the mornings, after my alarm shuts off, I'll sit up and put my headphones in to meditate for 5 minutes. Or in the evenings, after I feed the dog I'll go meditate. That way it becomes cause and effect.
Misty J.
I do meditation before I put on my clothes in the morning, right before I need to do work. It helps me approach the day with a calm attitude and improve my deep work session in the morning. I think the best way is to make it as easy as possible for you to meditate – maybe this is setting your computer to auto shutdown at 3 pm or your content blockers (Freedom app) to be scheduled To shut down for 20 minutes then so you can meditate then. Honestly you can think of meditation as taking a 5 min bathroom break in the middle of the day – if you can make the time to brush your teeth you can make the time to meditate. Another good thing to keep in mind is to do meditation back to back with something you are used to doing in a routine so that you associate it with that.
David N.
My trick was to add it to my evening routine, right after brushing my teeth, but before going to bed. You don’t question brushing your teeth before going to sleep, now do you ? Apply the same mindset to meditation and it’s going to become easier
Mercedes E.
I had the same problem. I have a hard time getting my brain to shut down so I can sleep, so I thought why not 2 birds with 1 stone? I've been doing mediation within 30mins of me going to sleep and it's actually helping me out.
Maxine U.
Get up early…the early bird gets the worm. Getting up early allows u to get things done or think about how you want to get things done. Getting up early is more effective for anyone…I need to train myself to get up early. Can u help me?
Ine Marit F.
I started meditating when i lost focus from what i was supposed to do, in order to Get me back on track – by investing time (10-12 minutes every day) i Get more done – whitch gives me time ❤️
Savannah A.
Just do it right when you wake up. Try to ignore your phone and the day ahead and give your mind time to adapt through meditation before starting your day, if not do it during your lunch break or when you have a free moment. Before no time you will start to see the benefits.
Reese N.
Pick a time you are less likely to be distracted. First things in the morning before things get started or late on the evening when everyone else’s os asleep
Elizabeth E.
I love to meditate at night, just before or at bedtime. I find something short that speaks to my soul. I also have a longer one I listen to as I fall asleep every night. It helps me let go of my thoughts and actually fall asleep. I listen to the Dauchsy channel on YouTube. His voice is so soothing and his positive words are helping me change my life for the better.
Bu N.
You can try to meditate just after you wake up or just before you go to bed. In between, during the day you are more likely to produce excuses when you are on the move.