Well i wish that you could tell me how to break a bad habit in general.

Kate O.
When you do a bad habit, try not to do it again next time. That alone can make lots of progress in breaking bad habits. Other strategies to try can include replacing the bad habit with a less bad one (but still enjoyable), congratulating and rewarding yourself every time you almost or completely avoid doing a bad habit, reminding yourself why breaking the habit is important to you and your wellbeing, and learning how to give your body and mind the patience it needs to change. Patient enough to keep trying for years.
Adam A.
Choose a good habit to replace it with. Every time you think of doing your bad habit, take a deep breath and accept the challenge, then decide that you will instead practice your new good habit. In those moments of struggle reward yourself for overcoming temptation of of acting on your bad habit.
Ana S C.
My motivation is my friend who constantly posted his progress over social media. Daily I watched his posts. At first nothing of his posts influenced but as time flew, I started getting this feeling, “why can’t I do it”. Slowly I started changing my habits like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. From “I will do it tomorrow”, I reached “I am doing it”. This is where my patience is being is tested because I never left these habits for such a long time and constantly feel “Should smoke TODAY”. I found a certain book and started using Fabulous app after 1 year of subscribing to the services, which also helps me in motivating myself to do things what I wish to do. Constantly, one step at a time, I build my daily routine. May be because I devised this and not through any app, I don’t wish to break it. From “I am doing it”, I will reach “I did it”.
Steve F.
The first step is acknowledging the bad habit and your reasons for doing it, how and why it is damaging to you, and the main motivation for kicking the habit. Then break it down into small achievable behaviours in place of the bad habit to retrain yourself
Ellen C.
Well firstly you need a good support network which is something I have never had. So this is why I find it so hard to stop smokong. Pot. I really want to I want to be in control of my day not my habit. If only I had 1 indecent friend or relative that cared enough to be my support person yet nope not ginna happen. .. So I need to keep keeping on and hopefully one day I just wake up and get over it have the strength. So im hope this community service will help me get some confidence back so i can get a job and get somewhere. Go on holidays save money get a brand new farm teach the kids how to earn a living
Lesa T.
You're able to break a bad habit by making decisions. By filling the time with something useful that you should do. Its a good idea to wright don the purpose for quitting and why it is a must that a bad habit be stopped.
Shaun C.
I've heard that replacing a bad habit with a new good habit works. For me honestly it just kinda depends on what the habit is.