What do you focus on when you meditate?

Alberto T.
I focus on relaxing, emptying my thoughts and trying to let go of the stress in my body. If it’s hard to fully empty your mind of distracting thoughts, then prehaps try and figure out how to apporach/solve the thoughts that run in your mind.
Chloe O.
I usually use one of the “Meditation” programs on the Fabulous app. It gives me a way to keep my mind on track and actually relaxing. I also try to focus on my breathing if I feel my mind start to wander, and imagine feeling the air going in through my lungs and body, and then back out again.
Rosemarie E.
Focus on my 5 senses. Listen to the silence, the fridge running, the house creaking, the winds blowing, the cars passing by, people breathing. Feel the tense muscle, the floor under me. The taste of my mouth. The smell of the place. Then open my eyes last min and focus on one object and really see it. The color, the cracks.
Brittany N.
When I meditate I focus on trying to find my center and come to the present moment. I focus on letting go of my distractions and go to my happy place within myself.
Philomena O.
I focus on my breath. When thoughts come I push them away like a big bouncing ball. I also focus on the silence in my head
Lily Z.
I first focus on feeling of breathing and how the air flows through my nostrils and lungs. After that I tell myself “The purpose of this pactice is to help me feel calm and relax. Happy and efficient in all that I do for myself and others” then I think of my day purpose and then clear the mind.
Alfredo G.
I try not to focus on anything in particular. I like to let my mind wander on its own. Instead of trying to focus on one thing and holding it, I let my thoughts drift by without any influence from me.
Pearl F.
I focus on my breath most of the time or hands and feet. I find using something tangible helps me stay focused while I learn.
Villads A.
Usually mantras that work for you ( I use ‘Release’or ‘I choose to let go’) or focus on the breath, or if it’s guided listen carefully to the voice.
Mariane C.
I try to focus on exercising the next day. And visualing myself as I once and how want to be like that again but with more confidence and greater self esteem.
Wallace Q.
I use the app headspace as I find that guided meditation is more my style. I usually focus on my breath and the feeling of my body at that exact moment. The app is great at training you though.
Suzanna T.
I find success focusing on my body and my breath in particular, it gives me a physical sensation that’s grounds me to reality.
Storm N.
I usually focus on my breath. I like to feel my chest rising and falling. Sometimes when I’m lying down I place my hands on my stomach and feel my belly swell and recede. Sometimes I feel the air rushing in and out of my nose. Focusing on my breathing usually helps me relax and recharge