When is the best time to meditate morning or evening and why?

Kurt J.
Morning. Because our mind still fresh in the morning. We can visualise our day clearly. Good kick start will get good whole day.
Ava U.
The best time to meditate is in the mornings after taking a walk or doing exercises it slows down heartbeat that's pumping fast after a walk or exercise in the morning and this is also the best time because it makes you calmer and cooler for the day ahead with a calm mind one can make decisions and adjust their day, think mindfully and will be more tolerant throughout the day. Doing meditation in the morning helps me go through the day more productively I am more patient and understanding and it increases my self control which helps follow through my routines.
Liam O.
The first short answer is to pick the time of day you are more likely to actually meditate. The next short answer is BOTH morning and night. The long answer is a combination of the two short answers: work out whatever schedule is going to give you the greatest possible chance of actually following through on your meditation. If you're a night owl and it's going to be hard for you to get up early then why put the barrier of an early wakeup in the way? Just do it at night. The benefits accrue regardless of the time of day. It also depends on your personality. If you are calmer in the morning then meditate in the morning. If you are frazzled in the morning try meditation at night! You can also meditate in the middle of the day or any other time! Whenever you have a window of opportunity then take it. The benefits of meditation will flow into all of your other life activities, so don't think of it as 'missing out' on life while you meditate. The second part of this answer is to medite morning AND night. This ensures you get the benefits of a quiet mind while you sleep. And then you get the benefit of a calm mind throughout the day. So now you don't even have to make a choice. Do both! Throughout the day have mini meditations which is simply breathe a couple of times slowly and deeply through your nose. It's a wonderful calming feeling. Do it at a red light, on the bus, or before/after a phone call!
Iracilda S.
The best time to meditate is a question that you should ask yourself. Each person has a different schedule and commitments and what works for one might not work for the other. For me, I like to meditate in the morning after my yoga practice. I feel good and the joy of ticking off an item from the to-do list is great. There are times when I have a busy jam packed morning and cannot fit my meditation, then I prefer to do it in the evening. Meditation is something that when feel the benefits you will never want to give it up.
I also like meditating at 6 pm in the evening after I complete tasks.
If you feel all this meditation doesn't work for you then you should try meditation at night before you sleep. If you feel sleep deprived this will help. I started my meditation journey with night time meditation and once my sleep quality improved I didn't want to just stop I started meditating in the morning after yoga and felt my energy levels increasing.
Sit, analyse and see what works best for you.
Balthasar R.
For me, I like to meditate before bed so I can disconnect from electronics and quiet my mind so I can sleep better. I wish I could meditate in the morning too but I just get too busy and distracted… plus I'm almost always running late.
Lise E.
I guess both are perfect….A morning mediation helps you to start your day with refreshment and helps you to visualize your day
Evening mediation before sleep is equally important as it helps you to declutter your mind and helps to you calm yourself after a hectic schedule and deal with the stress you face at any given point of time in a day
So, for me both the time are best according to any one's convenience…The more meditation…The best it is for ur physical and spiritual health as well….
Any time is perfect for a better thing like Meditation to do…😊
Bertram P.
I think that mornings are the better time to meditate because it starts the day off on the right foot. Of course, it means that you need to get up and functioning well before it's absolutely necessary – another good thing!
Enora U.
Morning. Throughout the day our brain fills up with cortisol due to consistent shifts of attention between focused and unfocused states. During a healthy sleep our brain clears this cortisol. Morning meditation routine provides the necessary agility for our brain to stay focused and deal with distractions. And the earlier, the better. Remember, meditation is not an extra nap, it’s a training process for our mind
Emma A.
I suggest to try both and pick the one that fits.
I personally prefer the noon. ‘Cause morning is land of rush. I have to prepare well to go to work. Wash myself, rush to shuttle bus, so the time is not quite sufficient. And noon after lunch, I have enough time, peaceful and quiet for me to meditate.
Night for me is too late. I usually write journal and reflect before bedtime
Judy U.
I'm the type who doesn't like to pick a side, both are equally great depending on the purpose. For example, I prefer a short meditation in the morning as a means to start the day off positively, inspired, and relaxed. I would prefer not to do any "personal journey" type meditations in the morning because the things I uncover may upset my mood or distract my mind for the rest of the day. Those kinds of meditations, and releasing the negativity of day, are best saved in the evening for me as a means to release and relax before bedtime. Any occurances that strike me enough to disturb my sleep has the attention of my free time and doesn't interfere with my daily responsibilities (except lack of sleep of course). Even if I have an intense meditation in the evening, I'm usually so tired I will still peeter out regardless. It is also nice to wake up the next morning with a fresher perspective rather than stewing on it all day and letting my ego have at it.
Lillie T.
Both, I started to meditate at evening and that's help me, but after I tried to meditate in the morning for my inspiration time and my thanks moment
Hildebranda Q.
Each time has a different purpose. You meditate in the mornings to bring awareness and mindfulness too the day. You meditate at night to bring your body and mind to rest and improve the quality of your rest. I would say rather than asking at which time to meditate, ask how long? Make your morning sessions your core longer sessions and the evening shorter sessions to round off the day.
Joshua P.
Best time to meditate is morning because there is lots of positive cosmic energy available in morning which you can consume very easily which gives you freshness and positivity.
Everalda Q.
Personally, I prefer to meditate in the evening. It allows me to decompress from the day and recenter myself before bed. I'm able to sort through my day and relax, that way when I wake up in the morning, I'm reset and ready to go.
Sis Nio A.
It depends. In my experience, meditating in the morning before I've started my day allows for me to feel more grounded and focused as I start my day. Meditating in the evening often helps me integrate and process my day before I go to sleep, meaning I often sleep more soundly and deeply. Best is up to you and your needs. Try both!
Morris L.
Why not both? Meditating in the evening helps me wind down for bed. Meditating in the morning helps me focus on the day ahead and start off centered instead of scattered.
Alfred O.
the evening to make all of your stress from throughout the day leave your body. and you will be fine sleepy and relaxed. 😌