Do you meditate in the morning or at night?

Erstename S.
I like to meditate whenever I can, and for however long I can, be it soon after waking up, during the day, or before going to bed. While some tasks are easier to start doing regularly if you force a schedule upon yourself, as with excercising, meditation is (ideally) more of a mindset. I like to become meditative whenever I remember, and the frequency of remembrances has naturally increased gradually, thereby increasing the amount of meditation I do daily, creating a happy, healthy positive feedback loop of meditation which slowly approaches constant meditation. The results are outstanding!
Diamantenia O.
I like to meditate in the evening or at night, as this is usually the time when my brain is most active and I'm feeling more overloaded with thoughts and emotions. I find that it really helps me to clear my head and continue the rest of my day more focused and calm – usually in the morning my brain is slower and more sleepy, so there's not much need for clearing space anyway Haha
Andrea P.
I meditate at night because my mornings are already filled up before I go to work. It's more difficult at night because I'm tired, but it relaxes me and helps me sleep easier.
Abbie P.
Both it is the first and last thing I do each day. I wake up and sit up (in bed) and meditate on waking my body up. As I'm going to bed I focus on calming down.
Michael F.
Night has been the ideal time for meditation, though I can imagine the morning might be preferred for others. I hope to eventually form the habit of meditating both morning and night.
Felix I.
I used to meditate in the evening but I’m on a 30 day learn to meditate plan and am finding it really helpful to do this in the evening. I can still have a few minutes in the evening if I feel the need. As the sessions are guided, there always always helpful prompts and insights that I can easily remember and apply to my working day and seem to resonate more then.