In what position should I be when I meditate? Can I meditate lying down?

Malthe P.
I think meditation is a state of mind and your intention is to clear your mind. The position should be one where you are comfortable.
Charlotte Y.
As long as you are peaceful and comfortable you should be OK. However, I would sit if I was starting or a little bit tired as it's very relaxing and it's easy to drift off…
Alison E.
Meditation helps relaxing my mind. At first, I did it sitting but I have better control of my breathing lying down. I think, comfort should go first to achieve one's goals.
Emanuel O.
I like to meditate sitting on bed or floor. Yes, you should meditate in whatever position you wish and are comfortable with.
Billy O.
Whatever position gets you the absolute most comfortable is the best one and if that is lying down for you then go for it! Meditation is about relaxing and you need to be in your most relaxed and comfortable position.
Kenneth E.
I like to mix it up. When I’m not as in the mood I usually lay down and try to be as comfortable as possible. When I’m trying to do a serious meditation where I’m fully focused I’ll sit in a comfortable spot with my back straight and my hands in my lap.
Stella Q.
I think it’s mostly sitting up, with feet ‘grounded’ on the floor, but I’ve done it laying down too. You just need to be aware you may get overly comfy and fall asleep in the middle of it sometimes. 😁
Anton N.
You can absolutely meditate laying down. I sometimes meditate laying down due to back problems I have.

However, you should know the potential problem practicing meditation when laying down, and why sitting up is commonly given as advice for most practitioners: sleepiness.

Part of meditation is maintaining focus. It can be hard to do that when you are sleepy or feeling drowsy. And for many people, laying down can be a thing that contributes to feeling sleepy or at least less alert.

Maybe allow yourself to experiment, though. You should be able to discern after a few tries if laying down impacts your practice of meditating negatively or not, and how serious an obstacle laying down genuinely is for you. You might even discover this changes for you over time.

Hana Y.
The recommended position for meditation is sitting. During meditation you need to be very focused, so lying down is not recommended because you can easily fall asleep. If you are sitting while meditating, you can sit on a chair with your hands on your knees, you can sit on a little meditation bench or a cushion. Sit upright and relaxed. If it does not feel right, change your position before starting your meditation session and try out sitting on a chair – it is most comfortable that way. I hope my answer was helpful for you. Have a nice day
Samuel U.
Hello Fabulous user, the easiest wait is to meditate sat on a chair, to keep the back straight and the foot on the ground. You can also mediate in lotus or half-lotus which is more technical, you can also meditate lay down but then you must be very attentive to not fall a sleep. In reality you can meditate in almost every position, the point to ensure is that you can ease your mind easily.
Hana Z.
I think it is best to meditate in a position where you are comfortable. If that's lying down, I think that's okay. But try to practice meditation while sitting once in a while in a regular basis. One day, you'll be comfortable meditating while sitting down. As for my personal experience, I started in the usual image of meditation pose which is seated with cross legs. It began very uncomfortable but I got used to it. It even help my lower body's flexibility. Nowadays I meditate with lotus seat like the usual pose of the Buddha, lying down, and sitting down on a bench or chair.
Renee U.
Depends. I’d say if you are a raw beginner, then choose a more formal and standard position like sitting in a chair or cross-legged. It’ll help keep you from dozing off and prepare you to focus. If you’ve been practicing meditation for a bit and maybe your bones are weary after a long day then lying down is fine. If you doze off, and come back ten minutes later, so be it. And another thought is if you’re trying a lying posture, you actually have a new opportunity to maintain alertness of mind while relaxing the body!! It’s not so easy when lying down! But good practice to sense all the detailed sensations of one’s body against what is below one. Fully relaxed. Fully alert. 🙂
Emily X.
You should meditate sitting on chair or floor (even grass if you like). If you would rather be lying down I recomment to take Nap with Binaural Sound that exist on Fabulous app.
Luke J.
I do sometimes, but just make sure you don't fall back asleep. I found that its easier to do sat in your favourite chair
Ad Lia F.
There is a special deep sleep meditation on this app, press on you meditation action and you get different choices
I tried the deep sleep one yesterday and it was amazing
Carole A.
While it is possible to meditate while lying down, it is not recommended unless you are trying to fall asleep.

Typically, the two most recommended positions are seated in a chair with feet flat on the floor, back straight, and the hands resting in the lap, or sitting on the floor (on a cushion or pillow if available) with legs folded/crossed, back straight, and hands resting in the lap.

From my experience, the upright position tells the body to remain conscious through the meditation, while lying flat signals the body to become unconscious (fall asleep).

With that understanding, there is no wrong way to meditate, and there are other methods of meditating in different positions or while performing different actions (such as a walking meditation).

I hope you find this helpful. Keep up the great work!