How can I always find motivation to meditate?

Zoe O.
I recommend using guided meditations and using a different one each session. It’ll keep you motivated and excited for the new guide that you’re going to use this session. This can also open you up to discover what types of meditations you enjoy doing.
Moment F.
I always make it as convenient as possible for me. Starting small, especially. For example, in the space between laying in bed and falling asleep, oftentimes my mind is running, so I’ll go through a quick physical awareness meditation to help my brain feel the exhaustion in my body. It’s quick, convenient, and you don’t even have to get out of bed for it, so it’s pretty hard to make an excuse not to do it!
Atarah N.
Sometimes I think it's not only about motivation but about consistency.
But one way might be telling yourself how you felt after meditating that might be very motivating