What is the one thing you find gets you stuck when meditating?

Nina T.
I do great during the guided meditation but also put the Part of the meditation that just leaves me sitting there in silence on hold. I tell myself I’ll do it later but I really never do.
Xander O.
My main obstacle in meditation is to lose track of my breathing – as soon as this vanishes I am in my head identified with all thoughts’ scenarios emerging in my brain
Ben X.
Thoughts about what I still need to do in the day often interrupt me. I start planning out the rest of the day, rather than focusing on my breaths or whatever I'm doing to help me meditate.
Taliana E.
Trying not to think about how I SHOULD feel while meditating. I've learned so far on this journey is that whatever I feel is fine. Maybe I'm not completely relaxed at first and maybe I'm still really anxious or feeling down but the key is to acknowledge those feelings and not dwell in the feeling of the moment. Notice how you feel acknowledge it and remember that part of being human is feeling.