What audio do you use to meditate? If you use any.

Sofia Z.
I personally mix it up depending on what I’m going for. Often I just use the breathe function on my smart watch, but for longer or more specific meditations, the ones on Fabulous are good, there are countless on YouTube that you can search for tailored situations or simply put on some beat-free music (Apple Music has a channel called “Spa” that I recommend highly).
Emily X.
The sounds under the "Ambiance" portion of the Make Me Fabulous feature are great! The nature sounds help me with visualization, and the music is great when I want to get in a particular mood or mindset. I pick a different one every night depending on what will be most helpful on that particular day.
Dant S.
Youtube guided meditations. Singing bowls. Binaural beats. Frequencies. Hypnotic audio. White noise. Sound engines applications (the ones that simulate all kinds of sounds).
Victoria F.
In Fabulous, I have been using breather I & II respectively. Some of the other guided meditations are moving too fast for me. There’s also an application called meditation which has two magic carpet rides which are great at bedtime.
Levi T.
I like to close my eyes and listen to soothing music. Sounds of the ocean or birds and sometimes classical music. Listening to these types of sounds give me time to relax and focus and reflect on my day.
Wendy Z.
Guided meditation that guides you through a full body scan. Usually 20-30 minutes, but most of the time I fall asleep in 10 minues (I use it before I go to bed).