Do you use a meditation app? I use headspace, but I’ve heard of so many.

Margie F.
I have been using Headspace for 2 years. It has been grate in teaching me how to meditate. I am now interested in Happy Not Perfect.
On N.
I used Headspace too and it great.
But, recently I found about "Waking Up" and it is mind blowing!
Talk to me, I have a 3 months free subscription for it.
Onzi12 gmail
Sherry S.
I have headspace too- but personally the format of the app reminds of looking at a news app so I use the app “Calm” more often. It has a variety of BGM and has customizable bell reminder times.
Annemiek Q.
Yes. I use the Mindfulness app but also use some audio notes I got from a friend who was burnt out just like I am now. Think it's called Mindgym or something like that
Eleonora N.
I also use headspace, for the first step is useful, now U’m using also faboluos and I achieve my goals of meditation time
Sophia U.
I do, and it’s actually headspace. I’ve been using it for a couple years but one of the interesting packs at the moment is the pro pack. Meditation with no prompts.
Tamisonel N.
Most of the time I don’t use the meditation app. I have the abilities to meditate at any moments because I have been training for it so many years.

For beginners I suggest you need to support of the meditation app to help you connected to your subconsciousness during the meditation for helping you to get the most important things out from your meditation. When you become an experience with your meditation habits then at that time you will not be needing the meditation app to help you any more. You could be meditating at any time and moments during the day like the monks, living in temple, who trained to meditate at any times without helping from the outside world. In other words, they would be able to connected to their subconscious self for meditation instantly!

It is good to have the habit of meditation daily to help you taking care of your stressful life goals.