Can l meditate lying down?

Irá Da Cruz
Absolutely! I try not to do so if I’m really tired because I’ll probably fall asleep. But if you know you can stay awake, I suggest laying flat on your back with your arms either at your sides or resting on your stomach. I totally recommend putting a pillow or something under your knees for extra support. If I’m listening to a guided meditation, I ignore the whole “feel your feet grounded on the floor” part and just focus on the weight of my body on the bed (or other surface). As long as you’re able to relax and focus on your breath, laying down while meditating is perfectly okay 🙂

Malone David
Of course! You can meditate any way that feels comfortable for you – lying down, sitting in a chair, sitting on the floor, indoors or outside, eyes open or closed – whatever feels natural for you and helps to get you into a calm state of mind.
It's important to remember that there is no single "correct" way to meditate because your journey and your mind&body are unique.

Eberhard Rose
Of course you can meditate lying down! It doesn’t matter how you meditate, as long as your state of mind is in complete zen, you can choose to stand up and meditate too if that works for you!

Clémence Lacroix
Yes, as long as you’re not sleeping. Meditating is not about clearing your mind, but letting be. A resting state still allows the body to find peace and let the moment exist.