Do you prefer to meditate in the morning or evening?

Loraine S.
I meditate in the morning to help get me focused on the day. In the evenings I often do a relaxation meditation session to help me unwind before sleep.
Annelise F.
Well…. Meditation can be done anytime but if i have to say when I do then its morning coz u get fresh air and chirping of birds with sunlight ah its the complete aura one needs to meditate!
Andrea Z.
I prefer to meditate around the noon, during my lunch break. That is the moment when I can relieve the stress accumulated until then, when I can relax and find again my focus.
Ana P.
In the evening when I have more time without rushing with morning routines and schedules. It also allows me to process the day, get on tune with my emotions and to relax before going to sleep