How do you practice meditation before sleep? And why?

Mads F.
I do not practice meditation in the evening because my husband is home and it would interfere with spending time together in the evening.
Sofie G.
Personally, I only meditate in the evening if I missef my morning or afternoon meditation. I believe it is better to do it in the morning because it’s effects last throughout the day. When I do in the evening it is because I follow the mindset as doing it is better than not doing and even if my evening meditation is half the effect of the morning one it’s still better than zero.
Kitty T.
I do in the form of box breathing. Breath in for 3 seconds hold for 3 secs, exhale for 3 secs, hold for 3 secs. Rinse repeat.
Change the count if too easy or hard. It takes my mind down to 25mph after going 60+ all day
Christina O.
If I don't meditate it'll take me at least 30minutes to sleep. So, at first I'll sit on my bed to 'ground' my mind. Once I'm ready, I lay down and start my medication. I'm asleep before I realize it 🙂
Hope that helps~
Willie E.
I practice it like any other type/kind of meditation. I do it before sleep to get rid of chaotic and troublesome thoughts, to make it easier to get to sleep.
Ludmila C.
Usually I just get relaxed until I cannot feel anything. Then I fall asleep and no matter how long have I slept, I'm full of energy in the morning.
Sadly it's not that easy on a very hot summer day when I cannot even concentrate, but I'm still trying.
Alexa R.
I like to practice meditation before bed because it helps me relax and release all of the days thoughts and worries. As a person with anxiety, it is hard for me to switch my brain off sometimes – this is why I like guided meditations that allow me to just sit and come back into my body and let the day go.
Lonnie T.
I find that lying down in bed as if I'm ready to sleep helps me to easily drift from meditation to sleep. As I gradually relax my body and focus on my breath I allow all worries and thoughts to drift through my mind. This not only helps me to drift off to sleep quicker as I'm not overthinking everything but it also helps me to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed.
Elsie C.
Well how I practice is I get in bed and for me I like 2 lay down and look up at my wall while I think abt my day and listen to the music and I feel calm. Why I do it is because I have a hard time to fall asleep so I meditate to help things get off my chest right before I go to sleep so I can have a clear mind
Wade Y.
I calm down with meditation. This make me sleep with just a few thoughts so I can sleep well. Free my mind from worries or other thoughts.
Lea E.
Just listen to the fabulous ones for sleep and relaxation. One earphone in so you don’t get caught up in them, or just with your phone speaker. Do it because it helps close off the day.
Sofie Z.
I meditate by lying with back and neck flat and starting with a few deep breaths in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Gently close your eyes, and allow your breath to return to its natural rhythm. Focus on where you feel the movement of your breath, wherever it is (nostrils, chest, belly, etc.). Continue focusing on your breath, knowing that thoughts are going to come. And when they do, notice you are thinking, and let go of the thought and gently bring your attention back to your breath. You can count your breaths in and out from one to ten, and then starting over at one if you’d like, or simply continue feeling your breath until you drift off to sleep.

This meditation aids in falling asleep by relaxing the body and mind and helping prevent a racing mind that would otherwise keep you awake.

I hope you find it useful. Best wishes to you!

Eleut Rio N.
First i make sure i am in my bedroom with all the lights off except for one lamp that gives a soft light.
If anything needs clearing or tidying its done so that im not going to be distracted.
Then i have a handy app on my phone called mindfulness, it gently guides you with meditation. I even use it at times to help me sleep better. It could be called cheating, but if you're new to meditating its a handy tool.
Cory Z.
Meditation before sleep truly helps me clear my mind and relax so that I fall asleep quicker and also sleep more soundly though the night.
Isaac U.
I lay on my bed, lights off and start 15 minutes meditation using “Oak” app. Being in that calm status helps me to focus more in my meditation even though my thoughts are unstoppable. I find meditation in general very relaxing and helpful to be more aware of my thoughts.
Leah P.
I use apps (I’ve tried many… Calm and Headspace work best for me), and use a weighted eye mask to keep myself focused. Generally this helps me to wind down and get closure on my day/ thoughts.
Attila F.
I want to get a better night sleep and studies show that mediation before sleep helps with rem sleep. Also it help me calm my mind and not over think!
Megan J.
I listen to the chant “Om So Hum”. It’s contemplating meaning is “I am”. It helps me release the thinking mind and fall asleep.
Elda Q.
I use guided meditations while being already under the covers because it helps me remember what I need to do (breathe) and unwind.
Gottlieb O.
Ipractice in the morning as was advised this is a better time to meditate. Set my alarm a little earlier so have the time before the kids wake up. Have only just started but hope this helps me.
Iwona U.
When I meditate before sleep I just focus on my meditation. I don't fight not to fall asleep. If I do fall asleep it's OK.
Meditation after a nap is the best for me since I can relax completely without falling asleep.
Lucy Z.
I personally like to lay down and comfortable so I can relax and let go of any stress or anxiety I feel. It helps before bed because it can make sure you are ready for bed and help you sleep longer and better.
Leon B.
I use a headband with earphones— it is comfortable and lets me listen to a guided meditation without disturbing my spouse. The earphone headband also helps me focus. I use a variety of different guided meditations, but have found that breath meditations or body scans both work well for me. Breath meditations have just s slight edge.
Lupicino E.
I do not normally meditate before sleep – I meditate morning and afternoon – but it’s a personal thing – do what suits you.
Silas W.
When I'm in a good routine, I try to do a reflective meditation before I go to sleep to process my day and let go of any stressors. I have a bad habit of laying down while I do it, though, so I sometimes fall asleep on accident. That said, I also sometimes do meditations intended to induce sleep as well.
Clara Y.
I usually follow a guided meditation lasting from 5 to 10min. Sometimes, a body scan meditation which would take some 15min. I like to use Mark William mindfulness audio guidance since I read his book this year. I get the áudios from Spotify or the book cd which is available on Soundcloud.

I meditate before bed because it's a time when certainly I can spend a few minutes staying really present, since during the rush of the day I can make escuses for not meditating, hence losing the amazing benefits that this practice brings to me.

Also, doing it at the end of my sleeping ritual, helps me to slow down effectively. So, when I end it, I would not have problems to sleep.

Mike S.
The most important part of meditation before sleeping is the breath. There are many different approaches or a ways to get into a bedtime meditation. I like to have lavender essential oil or another essential oil that’s good for sleeping either on my pillow or diffusing in the bedroom. I also like to have nature sounds and a theta brainwave rhythm in the background. There are some apps you can use to play with different types of sounds in brain waves. Sometimes, I also like to use earplugs, depending on the noise environment. Although usually were trained to include noises when we are meditating, I feel like it’s a little bit different for night time meditation. That is when I like to focus solely on the breath taking big in breath into the belly, and then slowly exhaling out through the mouth for 3 to 5 times. Then I do a body scan meditation usually, which involves imagining a light color how (usually white), filling up my body kind of like a battery cell icon would fill up. I let the color stop and focus on body parts that are hurting or tight, imagining healing. I like to imagine a positive happy body going into the next day. And then I drift off.
Monica Y.
Holiday: Listen to YouTube video or apps on the phone … problem: phone close to bed

At home: phone less bedroom, just relaxing

Hanna Q.
I use a muse headset, and try to go to bed 1/2 an hour before sleep. I choose a guided meditation from the app. I find full body scan, or yoga nidra to yeild the best results
Gui C.
Я медитирую скорее после сна. Я сажусь в позу алмаза и начинаю молиться. Концентрирусь именно на просьбах к Богу. Т.е. не просто прочитываю, а молю. Это общение очень важно для меня.
Sandra C.
I generally set out everything I will need in the morning. That helps me clear my head of any additional worries. I cut the lights off in my room and mute any sound. I then sit up straight, legs crossed, and eyes closed. It helps me sleep at night and allows me to reflect on my day. I can then practice gratitude and understanding my blessings.
Gustav A.
I do it whenever I find time and find it more important to do it than when! For me it is a lot about steering my mind towards wanted images and away from other unwanted thoughts. Like every other thing you learn -practice is key, the more the better
Judith G.
I practice meditation with a meditation video that is played while I fall asleep. It helps my subconscious reroute itself in a more positive peaceful nature. I do this because the past few days I haven’t been on my meditation grind, and playing a video while falling asleep is more practical sometimes!