Which do you prefer, guided or non-guided meditations?

Madaleno N.
Guided for right now as I am new to meditation. Perhaps at a later date I will change to unguided but for now guided is good for me.

Penny W.
In a low mood, I prefer the guided ones for someone can pull you out of the negative mood. But in calm or try to relax, the ones with short guide and long pause are better for reflection

Michelle J.
I’ve only ever had one guided meditation session while on vacation and I find hard to reproduce an experience as nice as that because the teacher had a very unique energy and how she was and her personal technique was very inspiring but otherwise I consider meditation a form of a breathing exercise so I prefer nothing or calming music

Klaus D X.
Guided meditation. I use the Calm apps and I find the voice helps me relax, come back to my breathing and be nice with myself. There is a new subject each day to think about and it’s mostly very helping in my life.

Karla C.
The guided meditation helps me remember to focus and not stray. But non guided makes me feel like i dont need to depend on the guidance, so that i can develop practising on my own

Silje W.
A balance of both. I do think it’s necessary however, when you are first learning to meditate to learn without anything except instructive guidance and once you feel comfortable in your own meditation mastery to then allow guidance as well.

Albert C.
I am using the app calm for some of my meditation. There are 10 minute session that Tamara guides me through but I also use focus music to meditate on my own

Lorraine T.
As I am a beginner and my mind still wanders, I prefer guided meditations. However, I think that as I get better at it, I will switch to non-guided.