What amout of time have you found is best to spend meditating to maximize mental clarity throughout the day?

Peggy J.
When I started meditation I gave approx 2-3 minutes by focusing on my breath. Now I give 10-15 minutes in the morning by visualisation and channelizing flow of energy through me.

Irma Q.
I think its 10 min. Think of your day routine you follow today and what improvements you'll make to your routine tomorrow.

El Onore O.
20 minutes. More would be better, but the longer it is the less likely you are to complete it consistently. 20 minutes is a good balance, it gives the benefits of meditation in a package you can integrate into a daily routine.

Melissa W.
I don’t think a specific time was working well for me, instead I either meditate when I feel stressed out, or before bed if I did not need to during the day

Gavina Q.
20 minutes. But as I left my meditation practices some time ago, it became difficult to me to achieve that amount of time. I meditate for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at evening.

Mathis O.
Actually, I don't have a good experience about the meditation because I just started meditating 3 days ago but I found that it's really great and incredible for everyone every morning to start a happy hood day and the last week when I was watching some motivation videos , I listened to one of the best motivational personalities says that the amount of time is best is about ten minutes and if you are frustrated or angry or unhappy because of something happened the best amount is 20 minutes.So , I wish I helped you

Troy Z.
I take time first thing in the morning to do my yoga practice which allows me to also meditate. I also listen to guided meditation as I fall asleep at night.

C Lio C.
To be honest I think that mental clarity can come from detaching from what you are doing and meditating for 1 minute or it may be 5 or maybe longer. Clarity is really about allowing yourself the necessary time to reflect and reboot. Much like when you have an IT problem, simply switching your PC off and on again will alleviate the hidden issue. As humans sometimes we just need to switch off our minds for a moment so that we can mentally reboot!

Olivia F.
The morning. It sets the tone for my day: how do I want to go into today, what are some things that I want to focus on or do better than yesterday or what’s my goal for today?

Ana Lle E.
I do about 15 minutes a day currently but I get distracted so often when my mind wonders. I think even 30 minutes would be good.

Nete C.
I personally meditate for 10-15 mins in the morning. Ideally, I take a few minutes in the afternoon to do it again, but most days my schedule is too busy. I also take time in the evening to focus on a specific area. Hope this helps!

Marius W.
I personally like to meditate each night around 20+minutes as well as each morning around 5-10minures. I also use my meditation if I am feeling particularly deflated, stressed, sore or tired throughout the day. A 10-15minute session usually reboots me to get on with my day

Miriam J.
I have found that allowing for at least 30 minutes to an hour allows for the body to relax and become open to receiving any helpful aspects of a meditation, which can include anything from receiving advice/messages from your angels or Spirit guides, gentle nudges from your body on what areas need attention (medical, relaxation, or otherwise), and just to reach a total state of calm.

Jon G.
Consistent practice is more important than overall time spent meditating. Start small and work your way up to 20 mins and more. You start to enjoy it. What I mean by small is that is that it’s better to meditate for 2 minutes every day and develop the mindset of being aware which can then be applied to other areas of your life. You’ll start to have these purposeful pauses throughout the day that help increases mental clarity. You can develop an attitude or curiosity and interest which can really transform they way you approach your day. The mental clarity is part of that, but the goal isn’t the mental clarity, it’s the being fully aware of what is and noticing it and returning to a single-pointed focus of attention which can be you’re breath or body sensations or the sounds etc.

Kaylee Z.
Mid morning. I have then woken up, thought about all of the necessities so then able to reflect on those things and bring clarity , positivity and peace to myself