Is it better to meditate in silence or use guided meditations?

Valentine E.
For me guided meditation works best, I use headspace. However, we are all different so you need to try different things to work out what works for you.
Belchior E.
I personally engage in both dependant on mood, time and place. I would suggest you do what feels right for you. We're all unique.
Alison A.
It's better to do both because sometimes you might think that your meditating correctly but then sometimes using a guided meditation helps you to understand how to really meditate and put your mind into it.
Maxine W.
I choose guided meditations. I have found that when I try to meditate in silence, my mind tends to wander more than with guided meditations. I like to use the Daily Yoga app for my meditations.
June J.
Guided meditations are a great way to start off because they give you something to focus on and teach you the best ways to remained focused for when you do start silent meditation. Good luck!
Marcus W.
I prefer guided meditations and sleep hypnosis I have attempted to try to meditate in silence and have struggled to maintain concentration but it is something I would love to get better at doing
Marshall I.
Whatever you feel will help you connect to your breath better—if I’m feeling sleepy or extra distractible, I’ll use guided for sure. Try different things!
Kathleen L.
I find the users guide helpful because I often can find myself falling asleep when it’s just silence or even my mind just got wondering off to other place so and I don’t end up focusing on my breathing
Ma Lia E.
If your new to meditating, it’s always useful to try guided meditations. Once your used to the basics, you can decide what your in need of. I usually have calming music playing through my silent meditations, gives me something to focus on if my mind is racing. If your trying to meditate on something, complete silence can help with that, but my mind wonders too much.
Lea U.
I found guided one more effective. Some music and calming voice really helped me especially when there’re temptations to distract myself
Sulani S.
I prefer the guided meditation most of the times. But as become more "advanced" I will probably use some background ambience or silence. But for the fist few I think it's a good idea with the guided approach
Suzanne O.
Right now I feel that guided meditation works better for me since I am having a difficult time decluttering my brain because of recent events in my life.
Ol Via Q.
Silence is hard to achieve and to maintain, but even white noise or wave sounds is helpful to focus your mind on. In Raja Yoga, meditation can involve chanting Ohm 108 times, focusing your mind on the sound of the universe.
William C.
Mix it up with a view to seeing what you learn, keep a meditation journal. The eventual goal is to be more mindful during your normal life so my way of thinking is to do that you have to internalise the meditation, you can’t have a phone in your ears 24/7
Sofie Z.
I think both have their merits. Silence can let you clear out what's going on, where a guided meditation can help with a specific thing.
Sander F.
I find a guided meditation to be more helpful because I have trouble focusing on letting go without those gentle reminders to bring my thought back to my body, but I've heard from many people that once you develop the skill and know what kind of meditation practices your want to use, silent meditation can be more helpful because you can choose exactly what you focus on and when.
Zdravko O.
I personally use alot of guided meditations as they refocus me back to my breathing. But I think it is mostly up to personal preference, as sometimes I mediate without and I feel just as grounded.
Deann U.
At first, it was easier for me to have guided meditations but then sometimes guided meditations were a little bit distracted or they weren’t the same flow with you. Till the time I feel like I can be calm by myself. I started to try to listen to my own breathe instead of another voice from the outside then I felt more comfortable with it so I mostly stick to it. It depends on how your mind reacts to these meditation sessions. Be with the one that works better but trying a new method doesn’t hurt you anyway.
Zander J.
I prefer guided meditations. If it’s too quiet my mind wanders all over the place. Guidance keeps me on track and helps me focus.
Mia P.
Personally I like guided meditations because when my mind starts to wander,
I can bring myself back to the words. Some people may be excellent at silent meditations, allowing themselves to focus on their breath when they start to think of other things, but I prefer to have someone’s voice to focus on.
Lucy Z.
Guided meditations keep me focused and interested so I always pick those. The silent ones are more likely to put me to sleep.