How do you keep your mindfulness and focus and prevent your thoughts from drifting away?

Elijah Y.
For me, it’s a constant battle, and it’s not easy. Whenever I sense a distracting thought: first, I materialise it as a physical person or creature. Second, I hear it talk to me in one clear sentence – no rambling. Then, if I don’t need to think about it instantly, I imagine myself snipping it away like an umbilical cord.

Alice E.
I try speak out by myself in front of mirrors.
And remind me often
When I feel negative
Feeling like this”wake up Seunghyun “

Hanna Y.
If I'm trying to relax or meditate I'll focus on my breathing. If I still find it difficult to shut my thought off, then I may try a mantra.. choose a simple word or sound to repeat to yourself inside your head. This allows me to keep my focus on the mantra, rather than my thoughts. I use "ah-hum" as my mantra.. something simple that my thoughts wont trail off on. I also focus on my breaths and try to bring my attention to my belly or my nose while breathing..

Maurice F.
This is something I struggle with myself. My method of staying focused is with the understanding that I will get distracted and my thoughts will drift.

To start, I make a clear decision about what I will focus on, and then begin the task. Inevitably, I will get distracted. The trick is to recognize when I am distracted. Once I realize this, I refocus on the original task. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary.

In summary:

I hope you find this helpful.

Ricardo C.
That’s a great question wish I had the answer to that
Some days I’m mindful of others other days I’m like zoned out
When I use Medical Mary JI I am more mindful at least I think I am because the days that I’m off medical marijuana I am not mindful and I feel awful for the

people around me that I like

Staying focussed I’m able to achieve through amino acids that a lot of the vitamin B help me relax at the same time allowed me to focus on the task at hand

Cassandre O.
It takes practice. The practice starts by trying to notice in a nonjudgmental way when your mind wanders and bringing it back to focus every time it does. At first, it may seem like you can’t focus at all. Your persistent intention will pay off, even if it feels futile in the beginning. To quote Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, “Dude, suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”

Sophia J.
I remember why i am doing this. My reason is for my kids. I have to be a better person for them. Im taking slow steps on this app and i hope to see changes in the long run. I have hope.

Carl Z.
The short answer is to be mindful of your breathe. The long answer is to be aware of all the life around you. Listen to the sounds of life, there is usually a flock of birds chirping, wind blowing, water flowing. Be aware of life in the moment and let everything else that is not part of that present moment just pass by as it came.

Jamie A.
You stop thinking about other stuff in the past or future and think about the present what's happening right now, what can you hear, smell, feel, it's all about surroundings.

Norma W.
Well, i just imagine my successful future) But alsi my big problem is that at one day I would like to change my life( at all). It means no sugar , do sport and so on
But after 2-3 days laziness come to me🐥

Joshua O.
I journal about it and I also make a little note about it in my daily bullet journal. I followed up at the end of the week with my bullet journal to make sure the issues have been resolved or to see what I can do about it in the following week to finish them up. Once very week I look through my journal and see what hindsight wisdom I can apply to the upcoming week.

Alison E.
I can’t stop my thoughts drifting. When I notice them I bring myself back to concentrating on my breathing. I guess it’s easier with practice but it’s not a problem if your thoughts go drift as long as you recognise it and re centre

Grace Z.
I don't have control over my thoughts drifting. When I notice that my mind has drifted away from the present moment I come back to my breath. Deeply inhaling and slowly exhaling while paying attention to exactly how that feels and the rest of my body. Acknowledging that the mind has drifted and returning attention to the present is the practice of meditation and mindfulness for me.

Ramon P.
Think positively about everything around you and try to envision the life you want to live. Never be too hard on yourself nothing is ever as difficult as you imagine it.

Claire Q.
I allow and accept that my mind will wander. I’m new at this! I bring myself back each time it happens. I’ll get better.

Ramona X.
By giving all the importance to the subject and focusing on completing it in a proper way that will help you and the environment to be better.

Nevaeh A.
I use the noting technique. As soon as I notice that I am thinking about something I note it, and I bring myself back to being present with myself(meditating). Repetition of this makes meditation easier the longer I practice these techniques.

Marie F.
I concentrate on what my body is doing (breathing) or feeling (anxiety, stress, fear, happiness, love, etc) at the moment. When it occasionally drifts I remind myself I'm focused on complete and total self awareness.

Alberte W.
Previous practice with meditation helps alot. Just focusing via the 3rd eye on say a candle flame, or taking a walk through a beautiful wild forest via my mind. Sometimes you do loose total concentration but being able to quickly get back to concentrating on either of what way you choose is a good thing.

Filipo T.
I always have pen and paper to put my thoughts down and explore or make a note to come back to later.
Or use a digital app reminder to do or think about what's on my mind at a specific time in the future.
Mind dumping is a useful technique to free up your mind for the present.