What changes did you see after practicing meditation in your personal and professional life? What time do you find is the best for doing it?

Δώρα Παπανικολάου N.
I actually found out that meditation has helped me focus better, manage my feelings, being present and positive! The best time for me is after waking up, or before going to sleep.

Lorin O.
I haven't meditated for long enough to see some permanent changes. I do it 1 hour before I go to sleep and I found that it relaxes me completely

Zeliha T.
Felt calmer and it made me feel as grounded as I possibly can become. Consistency is key though. And the best times are either early mornings or at night before bed.

Glen O.
I was able to rid myself of a lot of anger. I have become more calm and sometimes more clear headed. I find the best time for my meditation is after my workout in the morning. Meditation makes for a good cool down after my exercise. I also recommend doing a little before bed as well. The more you meditate the better off your mind will be, so doing even 5 minutes before bed and a longer session sometime earlier in your day will be beneficial.

Sristikam O.
I'm calmer than I used to be. I feel as if I have a better grip on my emotions and I feel better as a whole. I find it best to meditate first thing in the morning but I reckon it's different for every other person.

Fiona P.
I like to meditate after relaxing at night and just before I go to bed. It calms my mind, let’s me process and shelf any lingering thoughts from the day and has me head to bed with a clear mind. I am still waiting to see any changes to my professional life as it is still very early in the year and I have only been meditating consistently this time around four about a week. But so far, the personal benefits are terrific.