Is it okay to scratch an itch during a meditation?

Caroline F.
I think that it is definitely ok to scratch in itch while meditating. Usually these itches should be small and soon disregarded as we refocus on our breaths. However, if you believe you can ignore it and focus on your breath, that could help you focus.
Lori J.
I'd say yes, because when you are meditating you need to be fully focussed and if there's even a small/minor thing disturbing you as small as an itch get it out of your way. Your mind needs to be entirely focussed on that one thing and in order to get that you need get over the hurdles 🙂
Marius F.
I have tried to let it be for a moment, but if it is distracting you from your meditation, it would be wise to just scratch it so you can return to a clear mind.
Baylee Z.
Ideally you hope that’s you can zone that out but don’t feel like you absolutely can’t. If you need to itch then itch. You do what your body is asking of you
Christine N.
Absolutely, just do it mindfully. I find that using the itch as a tool for meditation is helpful. Notice the sensation, where does it start, where does it end, what are the boundaries, and then scratch mindfully and return to your practice. Usually if I resist the itch I wind up obsessing about it. “Should I scratch it?” “Should I resist it?” “Am I a bad mediator if I scratch it?” And then I’m off and running down some rabbit hole about what an itch means about my worth as a person (maybe not that dramatic but you get what I mean). It’s the same with any sensation, pain, soreness, etc. don’t worry about, just acknowledge it, resolve it, and resume!
Matthew Q.
Yes, it’s okay to scratch an itch during meditation, but if you can ignore it and stay in the head space that you are mediating in then you can scratch after. But if it can’t wait then go ahead and scratch.
Kati J.
An itch is your mind manifesting a thought to distract you and bring you back to your body. Instead of scratching the itch, fully feel the feeling of being itchy. If you put all your focus on it (not to increase being bothered by it, but just to accept it) it should naturally pass without you having to scratch it.