How much time daily should one meditate on average, how can one start to feel the benefits and after how many weeks?

Marilei N.
I feel that it doesn’t matter how much time you take to meditate, weather you meditate for 5 minutes or an hour it isn’t bad either way, it just depends on what you feel is good for you, if you meditate for an hour but you hate it and get no benefit from it then you just wasted an hour of your day while some people have more benefit when they do it for an hour rather than 15 minutes or so, it all just depends on what you feel is right for you. And I think that you can start seeing benefits from meditation within the first couple days but it’s also completely normal to not see it for the first couple weeks, I would say if a while goes by and you aren’t seeing any benefits I would try to either change the way you meditate, how long you meditate, or just stop meditating all together, just because meditating benefits a lot of people doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you.
Ina Z.
Daily twenty-minute meditation sessions, which means that that is the minimum amount of time you should meditate for in order to get any real benefits. This also means that so-called “instant meditations” are not going to work. Your reason for meditation will decide the time you need to spend on it. Meditation is not a temporary or quick-fix, and should be seen as a change to your lifestyle and habits; therefore, ongoing 🙂
Carolina F.
First lesson I learned is that there are many different meditation styles and you may be lucky and get it right soon or take some time to find your path. I tried many, many, before having the habit formed. Actually, for some meditation styles having a 10-minute practice was hard, while, surprisingly, I could easily do more than an hour on another. I truly didn’t notice myself, to be honest, but my husband said that I was much calmer and focused, after 6 months of constant serious practice. My kids confirmed, and that’s my biggest motivation: being a better person for them, a mom that they wanna hang out with, and with whom they feel inspired. My oldest (8) actually wants to start a channel for kids meditation, to “spread the joy” in her own words. Is there anything better?
R E.
Well, it depends on person. As for me, I meditate 1-2 times a day and this really helps me!!! I hope I will do it more as I have more time!!!
Axel Z.
I believe that it is an individual call. One must go it alone as they feel the need. Sometimes I do find it necessary to push myself into it. Others may fall into or feel the need more often. Bottom line is, I’m not sure, I feel that it is purely your call. While I do it often, I personally don’t have a consistent routine of when or how long I do it.
Heriberto Q.
If you’re new, starting with five minutes is a huge step and something to be proud of! After doing it for awhile, I feel most comfortable with ten minute meditations, but absolutely start with fives. I think the biggest, fastest benefit is a more relaxed mind and body and that’s immediate, but the longer lasting changes happen gradually over time. The most important thing to remember is that there’s no right to meditate. Listen to your coaches and give yourself some slack.
Alistair C.
It's possible to reflect on your meditation and feel instant benefits, although only subtle, after your first session. Some people may find their sessions frustrating as they spend a lot of time trying to clear their mind, but it's important to not be put off by this. Instead , be prepared for thoughts and ideas to enter your mind and be ready to let them go and clear your mind without becoming annoyed.

It's not necessarily the quantity of meditation and frequency that will bring you results, but likely the quality. So even if you can only manage 5 minutes a day, 3 times a week, try to dedicate yourself to these sessions and be as focused and clear in thought as possible

Ares G N.
I am no expert in this matter but in my little experience I can tell even 2 minutes of meditation can do wonders. I medidate at least one time daily (most days 2) and at least for 10 minutes. Meditation has given me lot of benefits. You can start to feel the benefits the moment you start focusing on your breathing. This one is a habit I will nurture for the rest of my life.
Logan Y.
I would say 30 minutes or more. Some do it less and some take as much time as they need. I would say Meditating would take a lot of your time because it’s a calm and relaxing technique. It’s a breathing process and sets into motion. I would say try this for 3 weeks like if it was a challenge. Take it head on.
Gokul Z.
If your routine is stable, like waking up, going to office, coming back home, working out, going to sleep etc are pretty much regular, then you should start feeling the benefits within two weeks. If you have irregular routines then it could take upto 4 weeks for you to start feeling the effect of meditation. Either way, try to do it at the same time of the day. Eg., as soon as you wake up and brush your teeth, or as soon as you come home from work.