What are some of your difficulties with meditation and how do you cope with them/maintain focus?

Scarlett P.
Hi, my problems with meditation arise from sudden scepticism.. (Been raised no nonsense Protestant) lack of concentration, incessant thinking (monkey mind) .. I counter the first with a thought on science, research has proven the worth of meditation.. the other two with gentleness and the idea of pushing thoughts away with a feather… hope this helps, good luck!
Marinei Q.
Making/taking time for me is my challenge. I know it is valuable and yet I do not always follow through on my commitment to myself. I am working on seeing my promise to myself with the same value as a promise to someone I care for, which would never be cast aside.
Vera C.
Biggest struggle: Responding to the pictures that pop into my mind. Responding by analyzing their meaning or following them to see more.

My practice has taught me to see them and accept them without further thought. Don’t ignore them, just accept that they are there and keep meditating.

V Lson Z.
Well, i struggle with being focus on my meditation time. But the best way to maintain focus is by finding a quite place and taking your time meditating alone.