Do you prefer guided meditation or a sound only? Which one is more effective?

Terry O.
Hi! I prefer guided meditation on the whole as it helps me to stay centred, however when using sleep meditations I prefer to have more of the ambient noise then the talking.
Hailey T.
Sound only or just silence. I don't think one is better than the other. Although guided meditation is more useful to me when I have a specific goal in mind.
Silas W.
I use both depending on my mood. I would recommend using both regularly so you get lessons you can bring into your daily life, but you also learn to quiet your mind in silence or with a nice soundscape.
Andy E.
I prefer guided meditation. It’s more effective because my mind tends to wonder a lot, so the voice is a reminder to be full present for the meditation.
Maritta A.
I personally like guided meditation. But I use both. They both help. Sometimes I start with guided then I’ll finish with sound.
Tiffany Y.
As a beginner I prefer guided meditation so help me understand and feel what I need to at the moment . But the sound helps greatly when I’ve had a stressful day surrounded by people. The sound relaxes me .
Nolhan E.
I honestly like them both and my mood determines which one will be my go to. If I’m working on a specific issue I go to guided but if I’m looking for quite meditation then I turn to the other
Gertrude B.
I personally believe a guided meditation with breaks in between such as being guided for a couple of minutes then a couple moments of silence works a lot better for me.
Lily T.
For me guided meditation works better than meditation with only a surround sound. The reason I think is that for someone like me who is not an expert in meditation mind gets less diverted if there is a Prompt. The app I use for my practice has a course structure for different meditation techniques and uses lesser prompts day by day for the meditation one starts practising. This works really good for me.
Sylvia Q.
I prefer one that’s guided only because it tells you exactly when to take breaths and it makes it so much better that way, and for me at least, it makes it more relaxing. Give it a go and hope it goes well! 🙂
Rosilei S.
I like guided meditation. But one is not better than the other. I like to have guided meditation if I'm trying a new techniques especially
Kirk W.
I actually prefer both. It usually depends on my mood. To sleep, I listen to prayers. When I am feeling anxiety, I listen to guided. When I just want to tune everything out, I listen to sounds.