Has meditation given you something special in your life?

Evaldo Q.
Absolutely! It has helped me relax for sleep. It has played a huge part in slowing down and enjoying the present moment and I've found it helpful when I need to be creative for work-just a short 5-10 minute breather and it's like I hit a reset button
Maria G.
Meditation gives me silence. It allows me to look at myself subjectively. It gives me a view of myself I don't normally see. When I meditate I feel more mindful throughout the day and can stay focused longer. I remember more little details and I feel more content with life overall.
Louella F.
Yes. Meditation had helped me feel calm. I feel more at ease and my senses are in control after I meditate. It makes me feel more optimistic and rejuvenate my soul. Meditation I think make my mind sharp and increase my concentration level.
Charlotte N.
I honestly just started meditation and I feel stress free. I’m able to worry less and focus on the moment. I also go to counseling and my counselor help with different techniques and I do it in the morning and the evening before bed. I can definitely see the difference though.
Daniel P.
I’d say yes, it did. I’ve become more aware of my emotions, about how I really feel right now. Besides that, I don’t react to other people’s emotions the way I used to. If someone is aggressive or mean towards me, I can just laugh it off and I don’t think about it too much.
Rosmarie F.
I’ve been meditating consistently for 2.5 years now. It has improved life in many ways I didn’t anticipate. Even my tennis game gained. Just kept my cool better at the net. In general when things go wrong I’m so unfazed. I was always mellow and slow to anger but now things are kept in perspective. Love it.
Ortwin F.
I’m still in the process of *how* to meditate, but so far, it has taught me to be more aware of my surroundings. It has taught me how to be patient in certain times of need, and much more
Joscelino Q.
Meditation has helped me center on the experience of the moment. I often am undone by anxiety, particularly for those I love.i am learning to sit with the feelings without being consumed. To regain the joy of now, not the pain of what if.
Manel G.
Yes………. It has helped me concentrate as I'm a person who usually gets distracted very easily…… By the help of fabulous I'm able to concentrate and do my best…
Andrea W.
It has shown me how to organize and work with my thoughts & emotions. It has given me tools to lower distress and negative surprise associated with negative intrusive thoughts.
Muharrem R.
Yoga is about balance, in your body and in your life,“You gain flexibility and strength. You’ll find it easier to touch your toes or reach behind your back. You’ll walk taller and breathe easier. You’ll set more goals and finish old ones. You’ll gain patience and be more tolerant. You’ll have an easier time being still. You will be more present.”I feel so good after yoga 🧘‍♀️ more relaxing 😌 and Happy 😃