How do you cope with falling asleep while meditating?

Javier Z.
I let it happen. My body and mind are exactly where they need to be and if they need sleep, that's okay.

If you are finding it a problem, meditate sitting up or use a meditation cushion to help the upright posture, means you are less likely to fall asleep. Also, the time of day helps.

If you are doing an evening meditation as part of your bedtime ritual, you could make it the very last thing you do, so falling asleep doesn't matter so much.

Peyton U.
The app I use suggested a tall back and feet grounded with hands relaxed on knees. I’m less likely to fall asleep when I’m sitting tall. I scan my body when I notice my thoughts wandering before I go back to concentrate on my breathing and reposition or relax as needed.
Freja P.
Falling asleep while meditating is really normal, I have done it and likely will do it again- if you really can't do it then I would change the way you sit, try to stand , maybe do a walking meditation.
Gloria R.
Try to meditate sit down on the floor instead of laying down on the floor. This helps you to keep the concentration in the moment.
Isaac U.
When I meditate in bed after wake up, it is easier to fall asleep, so if I meditate on the cushion, it is harder to fall aseep.
Quintino Y.
Simple. I know I meditated right. I believe what you thought about last will be what your brain focuses on. So even better, it’s not blocked once we open our eyes or by our conscious state of mind. It’s the subconscious mind behind your conscious self that fuels your action to achieve your wants and needs
Silva N.
I do it right after I wake up. That way I'm energized and ready to do anything. I sit near the window from where a tree peeks in with birds on its branches. The atmosphere is soothing yet activates me and I can better resisit the urge to fall asleep. Works most of the time.
Marius O.
Meditating while sitting up is a great way to reduce the temptation of falling asleep, and can even increase your air flow in and out as you breathe. Another thing you could try is to lie down but focus hard on the back of your eyelids, which will reduce the temptation. Of course, the best option would always be to get enough sleep every night, but that isn’t always possible.
Candice T.
This is a potentially frustrating experience if really trying to establish a practice of meditation. I find that the most effective fix for this is sitting upright and unsupported. That keeps the mind awake and active. If you are still falling asleep in this position you may be severely lacking sleep and your body may be communicating a need for adjustment in your allotment of sleep time overall. Good luck! And once you start you’ll love the feeling you get from it ! =)
Ariela B.
I tend to meditate first thing in the morning as I used to fall asleep quite often. Even now sometimes I fall back asleep. The secret is to be kind to yourself and if your falling asleep then it’s likely that your still tired. It can also help to build up slowly starting with just a minute or two.
Alizee T.
Meditation is the first thing I do in the morning (after a large glass of water) and I meditate again in my lunch break (ideally in the sun). Falling asleep has never been a problem
Lory S.
During meditation if you are sitting in a casual way or a very comfortable position you may feel sleepy this way you should rather sit on the floor or on a chair and with lights turned on
Juan U.
I haven’t had this happen to me much, but when I’ve been noticed other people have fallen asleep during group meditation, the person leading it has said this is just one natural way of responding to meditation. Usually when I meditate I am alone and I sit up and don’t fall asleep but sometimes I get close to drifting off if I am laying down or if the meditation is before going to sleep in the evening and I am in bed already.