How do you stick to it? Meditation is the first thing I usually stop when life gets in the way.

Andi N.
When life gets in the way is especially the time one whould make time for meditation. I have found when I am feeling more stress or anxiety than usual, meditation is one of the few things that keep me going.
Clinton C.
Meditieren ist das Schüssel zum Glück. Meditation ist der Übersetzer zwischen dir und deiner Seele. Ich liebe es zu meditieren es befreit mich und so mit gebe ich mir selber die Zeit für eine bewusste pause. Das meditiere ist in manchen tagen nicht so leicht wie gedacht ich habe auch tage wo ich gar nicht meditieren kann aber es ist okay. Mit Mediation lernst du wie man dinge akzeptieret und los lässt, nicht nur dass sondern es gibt dir das 3 Auge. Man kann besser Dinge Beobachten ohne einem Kommentar abzugeben es ist schön
Ninon O.
When my thoughts becomes too much to handle, meditation always comes to rescue. I have this horrendous anxiety that makes me create terrible scenarios in my head. Scenarios that are most likey never going to happen, but I keep imagining them anyway. I get anxious all day that something terrible might happen to my loved ones and family. That's why I try to meditate, sometimes more than once a day, to give myself a breather. 5 minutes out of my day/night actually helps me reconnect back to reality. Meditation is what gives me mind peace. 5 minutes out of my day, dedicated for myself, produces at least 4 hours of feeling less anxious.
Renata F.
Yes, that’s true…it’s the same with me, because it’s something that needs concentration and when we are in troubles, it seems that we need to be in attention with the problem, all the time. Seems like if you stay away for a while, you’ll miss something…but I realize that it doesn’t work like that…you only will be Able to find solutions or new state if you give the opportunity to your brain for that. And it requires some free space on your mind…witch you only can have it, if you give same freedom to your mind – that’s what you got it with meditation. Remember, if two things can’t be in same place at same time, how can it be possible with your thoughts ? You have to give some free space to your mind, to (re)focus on the challenges that live brings to you.
Aubrey T.
I just do it right when I get out of bed usually, like brushing my teeth and washing my face…. just adding it to that habit
Payton N.
When ever I realize life if getting hard and it’s usually because my homework is piling up I always think that it’s not the end of the world and I stop what ever i’m doing and meditate and think of how I can feel better and how I can make life easier.
Ricardo C.
I do it before I get out of bed while still comfy under covers. I play the guide through my head phones so I don't wake my husband. Everything is on my nightstand ready to go as soon as my alarm goes off.