How many times a day, when and for how long do you meditate?

Maisen Z.
I do one 20-minute meditation session every day. I try to do it in the morning, but if I don't manage that I do it as soon as I have an opportunity later in the day. The most important thing, to me, is that I meditate every day – even if it's late at night.
Alina F.
Usually once a day. The longest I meditated was a bit over 20 minutes. I do it whenever I have time and I can’t do much else, for instance during commute, but also when I can’t fall asleep.
Pranjal X.
Honestly Here’s how i meditate
in the morning right after i shower: i try meditating for 20 minutes visualizing the light the day will bring .
then in the afternoon i meditate to get ready to work or relax .
i then meditate right before I sleep. usually a sleepcast.
so around three times
in the morning i use visualization
in the afternoon i use a technique called noting and in the night i focus on the breathe
Hannah N.
for me, it’s not so much meditation as it is a chance to just acknowledge the good in your life. i just think until i’ve thought about everything i can remember and then i’ll say a lil prayer or just listen to the music for a few minutes
Kartik F.
I meditate most of the time in mornings before starting my day.around 7 am and if I miss it,I meditate usually around 4 in the afternoon and most of the time I meditate around 20 mins at a time.
Ugur G.
I used to meditate 25 mins at one go. Then I stopped and since then (more than a year) I am struggling to keep the commitment. These days I aö trying o meditate once a day for 15 mins.