Do you feel that since you have begun meditating that you have increased irritability or have become more aware of your own negative emotions?

Howard U.
I do feel as though my mood has shifted in a more positive area. I'm able to stay calm longer in a stressful situation which was an issue before. I'm more aware of myself as a whole.
Elsa T.
I have become more aware of all my emotions. But meditation has helped me learn to control them better. Focus more on your breathing, especially when you feel those emotions.
Kenneth O.
I think it is helping me to at least to take a time for my self. It makes me to think on why I’m doing this and what I would like to get at the end. It is not something that I can say I’m used to it but it is something that I just did the first move of all.
Katrine F.
Less shakable now. Traffic doesn’t phase me. My mother recently passed. She was in a coma for over a month after they removed food and IV tubes. So many family and friends noted how steady I stayed. Which I have to assume comes from meditating daily for a few years now.
T Mara S.
That’s good question! I think rather the second option is more probable but not sure. And Yes, I feel/see my emotions more.
Rick S.
I have definitely been more aware of the negative emotions I normally ignore or suppress through a busy schedule/constant activity, and at first I was really upset about this, but I have been forcing myself to sit and experience negative emotions when they come so I can actually work through them and move on in a healthy way.
Glic Ria B.
On the contrary! It relaxes me & makes me feel at peace. But. I have been using Guided Meditation & Binaural Beats on You Tube for 3 years now!

Persevere. If you are aware of your feelings, you can do something about them, so that's a positive! If you have any negative feelings, try to figure out why that is. Is it that your uncomfortable, or have something that needs to be done or is it that your mind is wandering? If there's something that you have to do, then do it & cone back to meditating later. If you're too hot, cold, hungry then sort that first. If it's that your mind is wandering, then give yourself 10 minutes or so to write it down in a journal. Then try again. If it's that your mind is saying this is pointless, then talk back & say it's Not! Our minds have a habit of putting us off & distracting us from finding peace. If it helps then start with a 10 minute meditation & work up to 30 mins or longer. There's literally thousands of meditations, it's just a case of finding the right one for how you feel in that particular moment. Eg if I stressed, then I'll find one to stop over thinking. If I'm wanting direction & purpose, then I'll listen to one for that. If I'm trying to sleep, or depressed then there's ones for them too.

You've made a Good start, now keep going!

Matthew O.
Not really irritable, but I've come to realize how easily distracted I am. I used to be able to manage thoughts and sit without thoughts disturbing me. I have lost this ability. Meditation is helping me become aware of the emotions and thoughts I'm not actively looking for.
John O.
Funny you should ask that because I was thinking the same thing yesterday. While I’m more aware of a lot of positive things like attention to details, I’m also more aware of my stress. Or is it coincidence and I happen to be in a period of stress. But , positively, I’m able to let go more easily
Maurice J.
Maybe yes my awareness of all thoughts and emotions are increased, so that im aware something is happening then I will be able to protect my positive viberations ;however maybe No. The true increasing ability I gain from meditation is to create the gap between mind and myself. So that I know I’m not the mind and I’m not the thoughts. I’m just me, no matter my thoughts are positive and negative. Somehow once you have no fear of thoughts, you are free from emotions.
Jade O.
No. I practice mindfulness. Being present in the moment, taking notice if any negative emotions arise, feeling them in the body but not dwelling on them in the mind. However whatever happens in mindfulness is ok, the goal is to be aware. "Without judging yourself for judging yourself"
Florence E.
Right now, it's just a part of my routine. Am not able to still see any huge changes. It may take some time before I see any huge difference.
Ingra P.
I think I get less irritable because I'm giving myself the space to feel however I want to feel. I used to feel stressed because I did so much for other people and I'm finding a lot of peace from taking time for myself. But then, everyone's journey is different!
Simon Y.
I’d say meditation helps me to allow negative feelings or thoughts and to not judge myself for having them but being able to let them pass more easily. You might be More irritable because you’re more aware of negative feelings but the key is not to act on them.
Isabelle E.
Since I have began meditating I do not find that I have increased irritability. In fact, I often feel more calm and in control of my negative emotions than I previously was. I do find that I am more aware of my emotions. I think I notice when I am beginning to become irritable, sad, angry, etc more quickly than I used to. I also recognize this as an emotion that I have a choice to react to. I don't feel the need to dwell on these emotions as much, I feel them but they don't seem as big and consuming. I also reconize that I can simply shift my focus and that may change me emotion.
Marvin P.
Sometimes, but I feel like that is the beginning of being able to change something about myself for the better or begin healing hidden traumas, rather than let the busyness of life bury it and keep it hidden yet always there.