Can you recommend guided meditations that have worked well for you?

Rachel L.
In 25 years of meditating the most powerful guided meditations I've experienced are from Kelly Howell (her website is Brainsync) and from Joe Dispenza. Both have put research on sound and frequencies to work in aiding meditators to have a deeper relaxation response.
Sutina G.
I wake up in the morning and start meditation for 10 mins. I normally set up the alarm and listen to the sound of the crystal singing bowls on Spotify when I meditate.
Lesi N.
I use the BREETHE app and the guided procrastination mediation has worked wonders. Using the fabulous app I’ve used the 12 min execute in the deep work challenge. I also use the learn how to mediate guided mediations in the breethe app. This fabulous app and breethe app have changed my life!
Julie I.
I highly recommend the "Insight Timer" to anyone who is interested in meditation! The have tons and it's free!
You can search by different topics, you can bookmark ones you like or want to try, etc.! It's great!