What good meditation resources/apps do you use once you’ve progressed from the in-app ones?

Andrew A.
YouTube and Spotify have many good and free ones. Headspace is also amazing, but you have to pay to use most their meditations. Just search «meditation» in the App Store and try! Good luck
Songui Npalh F.
I used headspace for a few months. The basic 1 meditation that has 10 sessions in it is free. I just kept recycling through them. Puts me right to sleep by helping me relax my body and unwind.
Elliot P.
I really like the app "stop breath and think." There are lots of different meditation options and there are check ins before and after so you can connect with how you are feeling. There are also recommended meditations based on how you are feeling.
Lora J.
I use YouTube and headphones or just simple meditation music on my Alexa when I go to sleep..it always helps me to fall asleep faster
Hedwig U.
It depends a little on whether you prefer “guided”or “unguided” meditation. (Personally I switch it up depending on how I’m feeling)
For Guided meditations (where a narrator walks you through a breathing or other exercise ) I love “Headspace”. It has literally hundreds of guided meditations on all kinds of topics -some as short as just two minutes.
Like a lot of these apps – there is a “pay” version that opens a lot more – but the freebie version has a lot to offer.
For just pure sounds with little to no “guidance” (some days I find that really distracting) I’ve been using the “Calm Radio” app and I love it! The app has a wide variety of channels for every mood from morning meditations to music you want to have on while you work or study covering genres from jazz to country to Bollywood) It also has a “pay” version as well but the free version has a lot of options to explore.
Rich T.
Any Buddhist centre is good, also I use an app called let's meditate. Going out into nature and doing simple breathing exercises is a good idea too.
Leona U.
I use headspace because it has meditations based on emotions or states of mind like sadness, focus, or patience. Another one is called Calm but all I don’t know too much about that one.
Isobel E.
I don’t use any meditation apps. Instead, I prefer to take the simpler route of focusing on my breathe for an amount of time in which I increase a bit every day. This way, it makes meditation less complicated for me and more worry free. This enables me to focus on the actual thing rather than thinking about external things. I think you would like to read the book Eat, Pray, Love in which meditation is talked about a lot. However, it’s an enjoyable read and is different from the typical instructional book. Hope this helped!
Sandra C.
I recommend Headspace. They have many different kinds of guided meditation (unguided too) for beginners and more advanced users as well. I’m currently using one of their packs which has daily sessions up to a year to help build the practice. They also have group meditation and daily meditation with different themes each day.