How do you mediate to help you sleep better?

Oskar F.
Meditation is usually the last thing I do for the day and when I am already in bed (this is better for my back!), so sleep comes naturally and automatically. This way works perfect for me.
William O.
Meditation at night allows for the jumble of brain junk to filter itself out and bring you back to the present and to the moment. Reminding me that I’m alive, I’m here, and I’m alright
Edenira G.
I don’t tend to do “sleep” meditations, but meditating in the evening before bed allows me the practice of accepting the rising and passing away of my thoughts. By a formal practice of letting thoughts pass, I am more prepared to not have them own me as I try to settle to sleep.

If I am having trouble sleeping I will do a slow body scan while I lie in bed. I will be asleep before I can finish.

It also helps to not go to bed unless I am actually tired.

Savannah U.
I imagine to dive in the water, a lake or a sea, the water rises and I relax, little by little, only parts covered by the water, until I'm all submerged
Olivia U.
I meditate right before going to sleep while lying in bed. I make sure to have a bottle of water set on my nightstand and anything else I may need set out for the morning so I am not focused on what needs to be done the next day. After I have completed my nightly routine, I darken my room and put on my favorite meditation app. This allows me to transition from a busy day to a quite, peaceful night, at least until one of my children needs me.
Regina F.
Before bed I shower then I will stretch and take deep breaths and try to clear my mind. I also try to stay off my phone and I don’t have a tv in my bedroom bc I don’t want the distraction. Meditating helps calm your mind and also forces you to take time for yourself and enjoy the silence even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. Sometimes more often than not I like to disconnect from the world and all the noise.
Vanessa P.
Currently I do not know how to meditate properly. My meditation is sums up to laying on the bed and just breathing deeply. I do not have any understanding whether it helps me to sleep better or not. I am still learning.