What is the best position to meditate in?

Jonas E.
Interestingly, I have found using in my son’s old gaming chair to be quite comfortable. It provides me with back support, and because of the design of the chair, I am able to bend my knees instead of crossing them, which can be uncomfortable some mornings.
Eduardo O.
opinions vary but I believe that sitting upright is best because you're actually in a somewhat uncomfortable position which helps give you better posture and keep you awake
Kiara I.
For me, it is sitting upright on a cushion with my legs in front of me and the bottom of the feet touching. I am not nimble enough to cross my legs in a lotus position. The touching of the feet grounds me for some reason. I tried lying down, but that makes me sleepy. I think the goal is being comfortable, with room to breathe (so no slouching) – but alert. Everyone has to define that position for him/herself.
Paola Q.
The best position to meditate in is one where you are the most comfortable, but not going
to sleep. Try not to cross anything as to make your body vunerable enough to let your thoughts out. Very freeing.
Nanna Z.
Any position you feel most comfortable in. From experience, I find that laying down on your back or sitting straight up with your back against a wall with either your legs crossed or flat in front of you is best.
Isab U Q.
I like to start with like an actual hip opener, butterfly or straddle or something, then go into a comfortable seat cross legged or with my knees up and feet in front of me.
Randall E.
I know you’re supposed to do it back straight, but my back usually can’t handle that. I like to be sitting cross legged on the floor with my back against something if need be. A quiet environment (or headphones in) is a must have for me. I’m hoping as I get more experience, I won’t need it as much!
Eleanor P.
For deep meditation perhaps sitting or lying down but generally anywhere will do! Some of my favorites: standing on a paddle board, biking, kayaking, windsurfing, walking, running, skiing, driving (every stop light!) the dentists chair, the doctors waiting room sitting in a chair…
Albin X.
Personally I usually do mediations like this🧘🏼‍♀️
Not that perfect tho, but I’m trying…
P.s. my tongue is flipped over also 🤷🏼‍♀️