How to keep a clear mind during meditation time?

Randi U.
Focus on your present body and state. Do a few breathing exercises before you start. Usually I let my mind just wonder for about 2 to 3 minutes and then from there focus on a sky or something that doesn't have a lot of objects to focus on or to see. Something that is a continuous smooth similar pattern in your mind while you breathe. I feel think of it as sitting in the wind for a second on a summer day and letting it wash over you.
Maro F.
To be honest I don't know either, but I'm telling to myself that I have to stop thinking about other things and I try to focus on the meditation
Umbertina C.
Accept that thoughts will come in and distract you, but the moment you notice them, you must bring your focus back on the breathing. No harm. No judgement. Just breathe. It's hard and it may even get harder as your motivation dwindles. But keep going.
Hans F.
I learn that your mind will wander no matter what… You can try listening to one of the meditations here in the app… Let your mind wander and when you realize it is then go back to concentrate on your breathing
Ma Lys C.
I usually focus on my breathing or heart beat. it will take some time, but then you feel calm and relaxed. I hope I helped you❤️