Yeah how do I keep from my back hurting and my mind wandering off?

Castelino C.
The point is to experience whatever is happening. Positive and negative emotions and sensations are both completely fine when meditating. Just observe what is happening, how it feels like. Also, if you feel your mind is wandering off, simply notice that, and come back to your breath. Meditation is about starting over again and again and again. It is impossible to completely silence your mind. Instead, observe your thoughts. Recognise them as thoughts, and bring your mind gently back to your breath. Hope this helps. I'll also recommend the app Insight Timer, since I don't find the guided meditations here that good
Rodrigo F.
Focus on something that keeps your mind engaged. Meditation is about focus on one thing, not avoidance of thoughts. Make sure you're comfortable and think of something pleasurable.
Marion A.
I don’t think you can keep your mind from wandering – or that it’s even the point. Try to recognize when it happens, acknowledge it and then focus back on the breath – or whatever you’re using to focus. Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing great!
Tim E.
Is a good idea to make a "to do" list for a day it keeps you busy. Setting smalls goals everyday motivates you to accomplish them! And that is a fact! Keep your phone away from you, I give to my mum and tell her not to give it to me until I finish what i have to do. Also if you need to rest, take a 10 mins break in the garden or go for a walk and then continue with what you have to do 😊
Minnie W.
Change your position, I meditation lying down so my back doesn't hurt. The mind will naturally wander, just call it back to your focus when you realise it has.
Edith Z.
Just try to make it most comfortable for you, and focus 100% on your breath; how it feels in you nose, through you throat and how your chest rises and falls
Robin Z.
Focus on the breath and be kind to yourself if you do get distracted. I find o can avoid backache if I sit on a firm surface. Recently bought a mat and cushion which I have found really comfortable.
Bella X.
Measure the time it takes before your back hurts and wanders off. Then set a timer with that same time and take a break a few minutes before your back hurts and your mind wanders off. Increase the timer gradually every time.
Na L Q.
If you’re talking about meditation, sit on a chair with your back straight and leaning against the back of the chair, and if you have a large cushion, put it between your back and the chair.
You don’t want to keep your mind from wandering off, just notice when it does, then bring your attention to your breath. It is totally normal for your mind to wander off.