When is the best time for you personally to meditate, why, and what benefits has it brought?

Herv W.
After a long busy day my mind gets cramed up and unfocused. To again ease and focus my it I meditate right before sleep. This evening habit also improves my sleep drastically and you I feel the benefits of clearance the next day.
Anneliese F.
Generally at night before I go to sleep, I know they say you should do it when you’re awake, but it just helps me clear out the buzz of the day so I can have a restful sleep.
Eli P.
I do it late at night before bed. I haven’t been very good at focusing when I do, however when I have been able to it has made me dream of my mother.. I know there is more potential if I change out the times that I do it. I am struggling to find piece and focus during daytime.
Vlado F.
I like to meditate in the mornings to lessen the anxiety about the upcoming day. Meditation remonds me how is should live here and now.
Georgios E.
I personally believe that the morning works best for me. This is due to being able to relax now and often I can find a comfortable position to help find my breathing and self awareness
Eliot E.
I like to meditate in the afternoon. In the morning, I’m too groggy and just fall asleep. But the afternoon is a nice chance to reset. I can clear my mind, settle my emotions, and get ready to start the rest of the day with a fresher perspective.
Jessie U.
I always meditate right before I go to bed. It is such a good way to relax after a long day and it helps me reflect and feel ready to sleep. I always have such a hard time turning my mind off so that I can fall asleep but meditating really helps me with that.
Philip X.
I like to meditate first thing, before I even get out of bed. It doesn’t always work out (in fact you’ve just reminded me to meditate, lol) but it sets up my day beautifully, and I don’t have to stress about fitting it in later.
Malou C.
As much as possible, really… but the best way to do it is at the same time every day, ideally early in the morning so your brain is closer to a neutral state, and you can prime it for another awesome day!
Isaac T.
In the morning, becouse my mind is so disturbed, can hardly concentrate on meditation. So i think before sleep my practice is better.
Carla M.
I like meditating at night. Two reasons, first it is the most convenient time for me. Second because it gives me a good nights sleep.
Marie W.
I meditate at night, before going to bed. It calms down my thoughts after a hectic day and helps me feeling relaxed and grateful for everything I have in my life
Alberto U.
I personally meditate at night before I go to bed. This way I know what I’ve done this day, and I can think about what I’ve accomplished. It helps me fall asleep at peace and faster than usual.