Do we have to meditate in the same place all the time

Jay N.
No. Your mind travels with you and practicing meditation flexibly helps you to learn this hands on, making the habit more resilient in the midst of change.
Phil I.
Nope! Changing environments sometimes is good to change up the energy and experience something new/different. It also helps if you've reached a sort of bottleneck in your practice.
Anna N.
Not at all! Any place of your choice will do, as long as you're feeling comfortable there and you won't be disturbed/distracted for the time you're going to meditate 🙂 and you can change location any time you wish to – even every day
Lucy F.
No! Definitely not! If one place brings you happiness and calmness u can definitely meditate there but stress shouldn’t come from meditating in a different place. It’s all about the session and progress rather than the location.