Do you think you need to meditate every day? Or do you alternate that with journaling?

Ingmar U.
I think writing, meditating and yoga are all great ways to practice mindfulness. They all create different effects, so yes I’d like to and plan to meditate, write and practice yoga daily. Great app btw!
Denise J.
Sometimes i don't feel like meditating, so i journal instead. I mostly try keeping up with my routine, but it's not always possible.
Letitia O.
In the morning before showering I meditate, in the shower I think about my goals and what I want to write in the journal, and afterwards I do so
Suzanne F.
Personally, I need to meditate everyday just to clear any clutter in my mind. Journaling isn’t really something I’ve tried, to be honest, so I can’t comment on that. But meditation is, for me, a great way to connect with my inner self