How often do you recommend meditation?

Anthony T.
Once a day or as often as needed. I find it more challenging to find the space to be alone in than to actually enjoy the meditation. 🙂 If possible I'd meditate 3 times per day.
Rose W.
At least twice a day, a morning gratitude, intention setting meditation and an evening bedtime mindfulness meditation. Then if you have 10 mins during the day, for a centering meditation, go for it.
Nora N.
My therapist recommended at least twice a week if you have a busy schedule. I personally try to meditate every morning to get ready for the day.
Viggo T.
To make meditation a habit, I would suggest setting aside some time every day. As little as 5-10 minutes will do. Also, I would recommend trying at least once a day to focus your attention inwards as you go about your daily buiness: How do you feel in that moment? What bodily sensations do you notice? What do you hear? See? How is your mindset?
Asking yourself these questions on a regular basis will make it possible to reprogram your mind and let the conscious brain be in control, not your subconciousness, learned patterns or emotions.
Augustin O.
Take time everyday to relax your brain s well as your body, experement with different days. Find what is right for you. There is no pressure to do something you are not comfortable with at first.
Miriam Y.
I should meditate 2 times a day. When I wake up and when I go to sleep. For at least 10 minutes. Right now I am at 5 hahah. But I will fix that
Swastika C.
If you mean daywise, then I think everyday and if you mean how many times in a day then, whenever you feel distracted, I think
Christy Z.
I think it is really helpful to practice meditation every day even if only for 5 minutes. It seems to make such a difference!