What are some coping mechanisms that you use to belay bad habits?

Villads Y.
– change the enverimoent to change the behavior.
– first working on recigonise when/why you do the behavior.
– Making it harder for you to do the behavoir but ALSO making a healthy, similar alternative easier to do instead. For instance, I would paint my nails red so I would notice when I was biting them and then let myself chip away the paint instead of biting.
– look into harm reduction ideas.
– set reminders.
– build a support system.

Best of luck friend! If you are determined enough to be here, asking this, then you have the strength to do what you need to so.

Mishi W.
at the end of day i thought about my day either its productive r not. then survey my work how much i did good or bad.And give mark them out of tem
Caitlin Z.
Distraction or delaying. If I can find something else to do…it can help me avoid exercising my bad habits (like going for a walk instead of having a beer or starting a craft at home instead of shopping…every day that I can delay shopping therapy helps me keep my accounts in better balance). And this app has helped me start preparing my environment more to allow me to crowd out bad habits with good ones.