How do I wake my brain up enough in the morning to remind myself not to get back in bed?

Kirk Z.
Opening the blind to let in light will wake your body up. Sometimes I will set an alarm on my phone and then place it somewhere out of reach so that I will have to get up in order to turn it off .
Victoria Y.
I think the best for me is sleep early. At the least 7 hours makes me feel relaxed and if you can do also some exercise really helps 🙂
Mitchell J.
Have the wax in ears to stop the sirens, or have others make that contact with you. The dog is the best one because she doesn't understand "not today"
Ritthy N.
My trick is to get out of my bedroom as soon as possible. To do this, I keep my cell phone (alarm) on a dresser not next to my bed so to turn it off I have to get out of bed. Then I just go to the bathroom. Not for anything in particular but at least that's a room I can walk to, turn on the lights, and not wake anyone else up. While there, at least my mind is forced to say, "ok, what now? Brush teeth? Shower? Back to bed?" And as long as I don't choose back to bed, my day gets started.

Always remember, that you will never be disappointed in yourself for not going back to bed.

Anna Luise Z.
You could try setting some loud or annoying music to come on in a nearby room so you're forced to get out of bed and walk to turn it off. Then hang a sign over the off button that says "Do NOT go back to bed!" Also, make yourself some kind of reward at the end of each week if you succeed in not going back to bed every day that week. Even put a pic of the reward with your sign to remind yourself.
Slawomir O.
Wake up knowing you have a purpose. Wake up knowing you have a job to do, not just for you but your family. By waking up you are able to meet the goals you’ve set for yourself.

How else are you going to get those goals – you gotta get up and show up!!

Erin W.
A meditation session gets me started for the day.
Mikkel B.
I just count to 5, then I get up. I know that if I get up quicker, I won’t talk myself into going back to sleep and come up with reasons to stay in bed.
Wenzel S.
Seriously the best thing that helps me – do math! :)) start with simple 10+5,19+3,etcand make it gradually harder. Somehow this is the way for me to wake up my brain quickly when I need it. (FYI, I'm not a math fan, this just helps:))
Ramon F.
If you set the alarm the time everyday, you end up having a mental alarm clock because you use to waking up the same time
Liam C.
Go to bed. Super early and have your tea or coffee ready to be. Made as soon. As. You wake. Up. Drinking water also helps
Nicole O.
I tell myself, "Today is an important day. If I don't wake up, I will miss my classes . So I should wake up."
Vincent P.
Best question ever! I'd love to know the answer! I can recommend you visualizing your next day the night before and to use a 5to1 countdown method. Like lunching a space rocket and jumping out of bed. But I really want to hear about other suggestions.
Frida G.
Spend 5mins the night before picturing this moment and all the feelings associated with it. Sometimes I imagine being in a beautiful theatre sat in the front row. I'm watching myself on stage, performing whatever difficult task I know I have to do tomorrow. I see myself complete it successfully and try to feel all the emotions. Like waking up and feeling grouchy, sleepy, dehydrated, cold – and still standing up out of bed and walking over to my gym clothes to go running. When I wake up in the morning I 'rehearse' the scene I played in my mind the night before. Sometimes, I'm so distracted by how silly this is that I forget to feel tired.
Rachel Q.
Drink a litre of water, I take my supplements plexus that balances my blood sugar levels and gives me energy to get up and stay up
Kelya Z.
That you have fixed rotten and goal you need to follow and reach it and you need to know if you allowed yourself to go back to bed for only one time you have to know that you will do it more than one
Maddison O.
I have struggled with this too.. I found that a combination of three short habits do the trick:

1) drink an entire glass of water first thing

2) open the window and look out at the world as if it will be the last time…be grateful and really observe how beautiful even mundane things can be

3)make the bed…that way I won't go back to sleep and undo the work I put in.

Each habit is only 5 minutes but combined they ease me awake without requiring more brain power than I can muster first thing in the AM.

Hope this helps 😊

Karen Y.
3 things I find helpful… immediately on waking drink water (next to my bed) & say “I feel energized, it’s good to be alive, I’ve had a good night’s sleep, it’s going to be a great day” out loud, out of bed, often looking in the mirror (my wardrobe has mirrored doors. Thirdly – it’s helpful if the night before I’ve decided when I’m getting up and if I’m going to the gym. Sometimes I decide to sleep in (if I’ve had a late night & I don’t have work)
Antonina E.
I drink coffee. I find the process of making the coffee, then drinking the coffee to be somewhat meditative, with the bonus of the caffeine waking up my brain even more!
Mae F.
Take deep breaths and I tell myself why I’m grateful and looking forward to doing during the day. I try and think of 3 things. That wakes me up enough to help me get out of bed and stay out. 🙂
Naja Z.
Don’t think about it, just get up and drink water and start moving.

You can also set your alarm and put your phone in another room. This way, to turn it off, you need to get up and walk over.

Louise X.
Get to sleep on time, put your alarm far away so you have to go get it, and drink some cold water. That's what I do at least.