What happens while you meditate? Is there any sensation happening? How do I know if I’m doing it right?

Clinical U.
If you’re trying too hard to meditate you’re doing it wrong.

Meditation for beginners imo is best done through guided meditations. Personally I feel the sensation of floating when I reach a peak state of my meditation, but everyone’s experience will be different.


Bobby N.
I normally use guided meditation, to practice breathing techniques. I’ve found that focusing in my breath allows me to clear my mind. I like the meditation by Tich Nhat Han:
Breath in, I calm my body and mind
Breath out, I smile
I dwell in this present moment
This is a wonderful moment
Lesi N.
Well I am still new to meditation but I do feel sensations. I feel tension in my chest, feet and shoulders. I breathe into those areas and after doing it for some time I do feel some relief in those areas.
Lucas C.
There is no doing it right 🙂 or wrogb for that matter.
If you are meditating sat down, just relax and keep your mind on your breath. If you really want a metric to base yourself on, you could say that you are doing "well" if you manage to focus more intently on your breath. And that when you realise your mind has drifter away, to bring it back gently and without judging yourself for it.
I like to think that Everytime my mind wonders it's an opportunity to practice taken for my mind and a step in the right direction 🙂
Stay strong!