Why do you meditate? How do you feel after meditation?

Carrie E.
I meditate because it helps keep me balanced, posative and more aware of my wonderful life, and it helps me to stay focused, and stay living in the present moment.
I lost my husband to years ago to cancer, and a friend introduced meditation to me, and I truly believe it saved my life and changed it forever.
Lea U.
I meditate to be in control of myself, my body, and my emotions. It helps me deal with stress and allows me to to feel in control. It makes me feel powerful, energized, and focused.
Defne N.
I have anxiety and it’s something that you need to be prepared beforehand in order to manage the attacks. Meditation (especially guided ones with affirmations) help me cope with it in a more confident and relaxed way. Also I am a musician so Sometimes I just need to be able to ahut down my brain and perform or create, meditation and especially meditative breathing helps with that a lot.
Sarah C.
I meditate to clear my head and reset my body. It’s kind of like rebooting a phone or another electronic. It helps me focus and relax. It makes me feel more grounded and less afloat during me day
Rachel L.
I do feel a little more clear headed and relaxed after I meditate, but I meditate for the effect after the 30th time more than I do for any 1 time. It changes your brain and your chemicals in a multitude of ways (some which researchers thought nothing could change like your mood set piont that you wake up with everyday). If I had to pick 1 thing that changed me and my life the most, out of anything I've ever done, I would hands down say it was the practice of meditation. I meditate for at least a 1000 reasons and they all make me a better version of who I am.